Things for Beginners

Since this is for us beginners… If possible make it easy to move plants and adjust heights. I measured my light from the soil, then forgot to raise it for weeks so move every few days (and I think I had issues from it). Hang the light as high as possible and add any shelves for humidifiers FIRST!. Have the easiest to use adjustable clips low and close to light (much more easy to raise it from lower than having to raise your arms and hold light at same time).
I could go on and on but good luck growers, best site ever!

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yep pretty much killed my first grow from too much love sob. DONT OVERWATER YOURE SEEDLINGS LET THEM BE…DONT FEED THEM LET THEM BE…

That’s all I have too say

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Ha good one and he also always say’s …“it’s complicated business folks, complicated business”…

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You can either rig it so you can raise and lower your plants (too heavy) or raise and lower the lights. A pulley system or adjustable hanger for the light is probably easiest.

hows my 3 week old baby lookinh


I’m sorry, Idk what some of this is…blood/bone meal? Dolomite lime? Perlite?

Mix of clay, perlite and peat moss. Sadly on a very low budget. Was originally going to do DWC but ran out of money after getting lights, firt, dig. ph and ppm, ph control. Just used what i had left over from growing peppers. She seems to love it though. Its mosty clay rocks. used perlite to fill in gaps and moss to hold water so im not watering multiple times a day. I give her a few spays of firt every other day and around 4ouces water. Most expensive thing i got was the dig. Ppm and ph testers. Running 2 larg CFL grow lights and 1 LED daylight 18/6. I have around $100 wrapped up in it. No idea what the seed is. Got it from a bag of shake that was mids, G13, GSC, AK47, and thin mints

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@Dwells823 Honeslty, im on a low budget as well. I saw a few posts and ideas about diy grow boxes and stealth items…right now my plants are in pots on my window seal. I ordered fabric pots and Mylar blankets online. I was thinking of converting a shelf or dresser into a stealth cabinet but it seems easy then it just seems easier to buy a tent…so I just have to know what I’m doing. The whole fans, lighting and air in/out is what confuses me. That’s the most important part lol. I could easily transplant them into fabric pots and line inside with the Mylar but…also I saw someone’s post that said don’t use miracle grow :confused: that’s what I was using…am I screwed? One plant I think is dead I think it’s to point of no return. I have 4 left that I’m trying to love. So that’s where I’m at. Sorry such a long response!

Yeah id stop using miracle grow. Never herd of anybody having good results. I’ve seen some crazy set ups and it pretty much is up to you. Depending on how many you are growing depends how much space you will need. I think i went overboard with my grow but thats because my first batch of seeds was a dud so i gem. A bunch and almost all of them sprouted. Couldnt make myself throw them out. Gave some to a buddy and kept the rest

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Im using General hydroponics flora and all good so far. I did screw up at first and used full dose. Almost killed some of them but flushed them out and no problems since. If it’s in soil you wont need to feed for a few weeks since the soil has nuits. I transplanted all mine that was in potting soil cuz i couldnt stop fungus and bugs seemed to only go after them

@Dwells823 @torixredduer If you folks want some help start a new topic. Piggy backing on others topics is not a good practice. If you need help starting a new topic let me know, happy to help!

Once we do that we can clarify the issues with miracle grow (stop using it) and all the other questions you have.

Look in the forum under grow journals and you will see hundreds of others growing journals. Read some of those and it will give you an overall picture of whats going on. We’ve all been new and we are here to help!

Alosyou can download Robert’s Grow Bible it is a wealth of information!

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@Hogmaster I’m going with this recipe, and just need to get some lime, but how big is the “big bag” of Ocean Forest and the 2 bags of perlite? I have a 12qt bag, (probably small) of OF soil, but I don’t want more of this soil for my small grow, I want to adjust the ratio of the other ingredients down to size. Thanks!

Also, does this (or any) mix need to be checked for pH and adjusted with anything before it is golden?


I apologize and thanks so much for the help this far!!

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:+1::+1: Out of “likes.”

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Big bag is 2 ft.³ of fox farm

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AWESOME! I think I can figure out ratios now. My 12qt weighs 8lbs, the 1.5cuft weighs 11, so I have about 1cuft. Got the last of my stuff showing up Sunday. Can I bug you a bit more?

Do you sprout them in this soil or something else?

After you mix the soil, does it need to be checked or adjusted for pH in some way before use?

Does it need to sit for any period of time before use?

Thanks in advance!


If you are using @garrigan62 soil recipe get everything all mixed up then when you go to water your plants You will ph the water i’m pretty sure this recipe he does not feed through the entire grow just waters it has enough nutrients and other goodies in all of the amendments that you are mixing together so you only have to pH your water


Yes, the picture/recipe you posted above. I also got a bag of “black gold” based on the video, so that might make up the other cubic foot of soil.

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I also have a small thing of michorizae(sp) that I am going to add per mfg instructions.

Sounds good hopefully @garrigan62 can give you some tips I’m sure he will be around at some point if not I will help any way I can @Whodat66

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