New grower needing advice on plants

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Ok I have phone. Second grow. Doing autos and one photo. First grow was a waste. This one I got good dirt and good lights. I have one photo that looks decent and four autos in that bucket. One is a week away from harvest and the other three have that problem. I want to harvest that one first before feeding. I have for farms dirty dozen and the duo. Sooo now I have 12 autos and good dirt in a new pot and they are seedlings. I have fox farms Ocean forest and happy frog soil and I have super soil in the bottom on the new tub but it’s not in the bucket with the autos in the problem it’s kind of hard to explain I’ll give you the set up you’ll be able to see three cops obviously they’re sitting inside of a big tub and then I have a couple I was just off to the side most of the ceilings died so I got new ones then they’ll be two buckets a small one with buds and then a big bucket that has a photo. That’s OG Kush it’s a little dirty. Work 12 hour days and a pt job. I have 150 watt lights. Two of them. I want my third go with these seedlings to be perfect so I can take my buds and have a supply to move with.


I moved your question to it’s own thread: I’ll also tag a few growers in to take a look. You can’t respond yet but over time you will build your ‘trust’ level: read posts, like posts, when you can respond, do so etc.

While you’re at it, fill this out and be complete in your answer. If in soil tell us what soil etc. It’s good to have the info all in one place.

COPY/PASTE the below list into your forum post.

Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so; Or post
NA (non applicable)

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
  • Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
  • Co2; Yes, No

Always try to upload a clear picture of any issues you may have to allow the community to assist you.

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer should be included. Feel free to elaborate, but short and to the point questions and facts will help us help you in a more efficient manner :slight_smile:


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I see you have an Aglex light, which model is it so I can familiarize myself with it. I notice they sell a 110w light that they claim is a 600w but ide like to be certain to provide you with the best advise.
Also what exactly is the other light?
If those lights are 150w then one light for each plant would be your best choice.
Many new growers plant many more seeds then they have the lighting for and you seem to be in this situation.

Fox farms is good soil. These buckets & tubs, have they already been planted in this soil? Is it a layering or did you mix it all together?

I noticed you have a fan as well that’s good ensure your plants always get a nice little russle this will make them strong and prevent pests/bud rot.

Do you have a tds and a PH meter? These are essential growing tools any tds pen will really work but many PH meters are not accurate although may work in a pinch I strongly recommend the apera PH 20 kit (the kit comes with calibration fluid which you will need to use once a month or once every 3 months)

What is your water source? Have you checked the tds and the ph of it? All water and nutrients given to soil grows should be ph’d between 6.3 - 6.8 aiming for 6.5 is ideal.

There is no need to feed any nutrients until post week 4, the way to check to see if you need to feed is to google how to do a soil slurry and check the PH as well as the tds of your soil in ewch container. This gives us an idea if these values are in range to encourage heathy fast growth.

Temp and humidity, aka VPD is the other variable you will need to control within your environment.
This is best done inside a tent with a duct fan as an exhaust system with a controller that will kick the fan in and out based on temperature or humidity. Unfortunately most controllers only control the fan on one variable at a time, however an AC infinity T series will monitor temp and humidity turning it on when one value gets to high. This helps maintain an ideal environment in both temperature and humidity.

We try to encourage growers to only plant one seed per container, as one plant will ultimately choke the others out or reduce their yeild significantly.
Ensure lots of drainage holes are in the bottom of containers if not using fabric containers but again fabric is what we encourage because it’s proven to be the cheapest yet top preforming container.


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No co2. I do have a ph meter and tds but have never used it. I layered the super soil. It’s mixed in with fox farms dirt on the bottom third. I have two lights I’m in there now. Same light. I had a couple autos and they just on side of the tub and the seem to be doing well. Just not the ones in the buckets with no super soil. The lights had a map so to speak at three feet they provide x amount of floor space with enough light. That should cover my tub and they were on these other plants and they are not main focus but I want them to do well. You asked a lot of questions and this feels overwhelming. I am in Nebraska and above the ogalala aquifer and I use that water from my well. I do have a carbon filter to pull heat out that runs during the day when lights are on. This tub is huge and it’s just autos so I figured it should be big enough?!? It’s four feet by two feet or ac infinity is what Amazon will send next I guess and yep a fan to provide air flow and make roots stronger. The tds meter
Idk about but I have one and my
Water ph meter acts weird. I have had two and one worked well but not for long. Other bounces around a lot. :confused:

Thank you!

Hey cable trying to help here but it was incredibly hard to understand what your saying, not to be a grammar nag but please structure your replys a little bit better as it’s hard to understand.

I know we all want to just toss our thoughts out but if you could reply to the questions I asked after you shared your thoughts then we could move forward alot more efficiently.

The cheap PH meters tend to bounce around alot I agree that’s why I personally have found they don’t work and thus I suggested getting a apera PH 20 kit, this is more important than the AC infinity T series. Also it seems your not in a tent so I’m not sure if the AC infinity will help this depends how your room is set up, growing in a tent is ideal as it allows you to control the environment in that small area.

Autos have the ability to grow very big under the right conditions, always use separate containers.
This is an auto I grew recently just to give you an idea what is possible.

Although that will take years starting to follow best practices now will get you bigger yeilds faster.

Your plants are suffering the most right now because your not PH’ing your water that’s your biggest issue, you need a quality PH meter and some PH up as well as some PH down.

Your lights are the 1200w model that actually use 210w so they should be good enough for 2-3 plants.
Your best bet would be to use 3 plants in 3 pots, put them together and hang your two lights in the middle. 3 round containers in a triangle like so.

Then measure the width and length of your plants, use the light diagram provided by the lighting company even though it won’t be very accurate it will give you a rough idea. Probably 18" would be a good starting point. Ensure your veg and bloom switch are both on, this gives you more light and you’ll need it.

The two autos in the big bin are to close to each other, unfortunately transplanting them out of that container without shocking and stunting them is unlikely. Your best bet would be to keep the one in the corner and pull the other one out aka kill it. Then push the corner of your tub into the center of the other two big plants to make 3 plants in the center.

Again you have multiple seeds in one container, in your solo cups. So pick the strongest one in each container and kill the others asap.
Then be prepared to buy another 2-3 lights if you want those to be growing at the same time.

Ultimately you need a ph meter,
Ph up / down

You need to Learn to use your tds meter and your PH meter to test and adjust your water

Doing a slurry sample of your big pots will help us gauge their issue.

Also a temp/humidity sensor with a high and low reading is ideal to monitor your environment.


Sorry I am frustrated and I work my ass off from 8 am till midnight some days between two jobs. I get home and have little time and I toke and than have time on here. And type some not so coherent sentences. Some days I don’t work at all and today is one. I looked on Amazon and saw testers but decided to reply. Before I spent the cash. The better tester was 195 ish? I can swing that. Also…That picture of your buds was incredibly discouraging. I know what mine are doing. Ok so let’s forget the buckets and think about the solo cups only. Those will go into the tub with super soil. Buckets don’t have that. I want to get this tub thing right. The big tub has super soil on the bottom third. It is mixed with fox farms and happy frog soil. Top two thirds is f.f. And happy frog soil. I want the strains in the cups to do good with super soil for buds to move with but also want to learn. Since I had no luck with doing nutrients and using cloth pots on first auto try, and the one outside that got nothing did great I tried that approach and it worked good on first auto inside. I decided a big ass tub with good dirt would be better and I ordered new lights. The ones I have now. I have three other 600 watt lights that sit in a box with on or off and make red light. No veg or bloom. So I just use new but could add more if I want and have those three. What do you think about that? I know you said more light less plants. That tub is so big I figured I could do several plants in the spots in the middle and do low stress training and direct them away from eachother and the roots could cross and have a ton of room to grow. I can do less plants. :confused: can you send a specific link to the tester you suggest? I can order them today. I do have a temp and humidity meter. Sorry I forgot to mention that. Tbh I don’t really use it. I will start. Lights are off now and basic room temp is 68 now. I do nit have a tent. Just a closet with Mylar around on half the closet and had plants on other side to clean and more shit around. I will move plants to the side with the Mylar for more light today. You type so much info I felt a little overwhelmed. I am more than fair with people and if you help me get it down I will make it right by you. :slight_smile: I don’t really want to kill off any of those seedlings. I think if I have to remove them from the solo cups I could put them in some other bucket and set off to the side so they get a little light and let them do whatever and have a little bit over nothing would be better?!? But have lights over tubs with a couple plants in there as my main project. Does that make sense? Or dumb idea??? I do have a ph meter and ph up and down. I thought fuck that ground water worked great on the one outside plant so I was just going to do that and than let nature take it’s course. So to dumb it down lol please send like of that tester and I will order it. Let me know about pulling some from solo cups and leaving on side to do their thing. I will move to Mylar area for more light and use veg and bloom lights on mine and could add my other lights. They are 600 watt vispectra model number vs600 lights. My light cycle will begin in a while and I can get in there and do some stuff since I don’t work today finally.

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Here is the meter with the kit with all the calibration fluid.

Before I reply more I want to clarify your other lights.
Can you link me to them in Amazon please.
And clarify how many you have of them just want to be sure I give you the best advise

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I have three of these. I got a tester in my

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Okay so those are 132w

Your two big lights together will grow 2-3 plants if you push the plants close together.
Those other three lights will grow one plant per light.
So you can grow a total of 5-6 plants, meaning you have decide which ones your going to cull.
Again one plant per container, your tub may be big enough for 2 plants if you had placed them at opposite ends. If they were photos I would sy transplant the one in the middle to the other end but being that it’s an auto you will most likely shock it so bad that the better plan is to take one of the solo cup plants and plant it on the far end after culling that middle auto.

You’ll want to keep your humidity and temperature as close to these values as possible it will increase growth rate.

Once you get the PH meter you will be able to test your buckets in a soil slurry and we can evaluate how that soil is doing.
Although all of your containers should have lots of drainage holes and sit on some sort of catch tray so that your able to flush if your PH goes out of wack. If your PH or tds isn’t right this will greatly affect growing, temp and humidity thus VPD (the chart) is also a factor but not as big as the previous ones.
You will have to decide if you want to try and fix the issues with your bucket ones or start fresh with our advice but I would wait until we are able to test your soil appropriately before jumping to any conclusions.
If you still have those cloth pots then how big are they and how many do you have can we transplant your solo cups into those when they are ready? That would be ideal as cloth pots have great drainage. You will need the nutrients even in soil after 4-5 weeks and this is why coco is a much preferred medium but many growers grow in soil and you may if you wish just don’t expect amazing results, expect 3-5 zips once your good

As to your questions and concerns I’ll try and answer them.

I wouldn’t do any more than the 5-6 plants, these will grow out and stretch needing all the light so within the next week you should decide which 5 or 5 you want to keep.

Also please do not cuss within the community, we try to keep this a nice peaceful environment

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I just stumbled across your journal, I’m going to tag along if you don’t mind. Your in good hands here, I’ve had 2 successful grows so far and it was with the help of @Nicky and many others.

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That chart is helpful. I think it’s to warm for seedlings in there. One fell over :confused: ok the cloth pots were 3 gallon but I don’t think they would hold more than a gallon of soil each. They were small. The good auto I have now is in a five gallon bucket and did not get any bigger that the one in the small bucket. Bigger cloth pots? I feel like I need to decided right away so I can order and be ready.

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