These buds are way different

These buds look and feel very airy and leafy. I don’t know what I did wrong but the rest on my plants look like normal bud. Should I scrap these and use them to try to do bubble hash?? Any advice??


Be patient, let them finish developing before you decide to call it quits on their bud structure.

But for whatever it’s worth, once they’re fully mature, they’ll make excellent hash.


I have seen a few postings with that leaf and bud structure lately so you are not alone anyways.


Welcome , Yeah I would finish them out , Not my favorite bud structure. In the past I’ve had A couple with that bud stucture. Genetics plays a role.
Good luck finishing up ! :v:


Had a couple of gelato autos that flowered very similar to that. I attributed it to the high temps in my area. I ended up making bubble hash from all of it. Came out with about 10 grams of the finest hash I ever smoked.

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Oh. Here’s a couple pics of mine.


Why? When you smoke the bud, do you chop it or bud bust it? Do you plan to sell the bud? Ive smoked some outstanding cannabis with airy bud formation.
Ill tell you something though, open bud is really good for dry sift. Any bud is good for ice water hash. Do not write off a bud because its airy. In fact Ive grown some bud that doesn’t look so great but is incredibly smooth to smoke and I got a real good dollar for.
Heres some for reference.

This is super typical of an untrimmed landrace Afghan.

The open structure lends itself well to dry sift.

The kief then gets cold rolled into a ball for curing

Then after a couple months of curing in the fridge it gets the turkey wrap and boiling water in the wine bottle treatment for about 45 minutes. The color, and texture totally changes, and of course its decarboxylated then.

But dont sweat the loose bud… its still most likely quite decent.


That’s a beautiful ball o hash there.


That is outfuknstanding! Way cool.