The smell outdoors

I know this is pretty much a silly question, but is there any way to stop the smell on an outdoor grow ,or at least tone it down ,its getting quite strong out there now , and while attending the passion fruit the other day I just knocked the afghani and I heard people two doors down say can you smell that, which then got me a little paranoid.


Id be interested to know this too, maybe plant some other fragrant flowers with them like jasmine? mint (which helps keep something away). i know if i crush some mint up its pretty strong smell too

Maybe plant something equally smelly to mask it?

Stargazer lily
etc. etc.

Not an instant solution but down the road. Some plants keep animals and pests away too, maybe get the best of both.


We not long ago ripped out a jasmine plant,but that was at the other end of yard and would not of helped, sort of need something large and smelly and now lol


I don’t know the actual name, but look up “spider flower”. I found it in Lowe’s one time with my nose!

I thought someone was having some fun and dropped a seed somewhere. It was very skunky and when I found it, the leaves actually resembled a 5 finger indica leaf. Careful though, they’re loaded with thorns like a blackberry bush!

Plant them out front in full view of neighbors. They’ll begin to associate the smell with those plants instead of wondering what you have going on behind the fence. :wink:


We call that stinking Charlie, first time I smelt it I looked for hours to find the pot growing lol


It would make for a good cover scent…

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it’s called Cleome Looks like cannabis, Kind of smells like it too. and thorns. It’s a great companion planting for cannabis. Insects don’t like the stickiness or prickliness


Well that just makes it even better!

I forgot this was the topic I originally mentioned it in. I posted a picture of some newly purchased seeds of it for @Hogmaster. Hell be interested in the companion aspect too.

My original thought was to plant them around the outside of the fence line so people would associate the smell with them instead of maybe I’m growing behind the fence.

Now I’ll make sure to have some near my girls. I’m also looking into borage as a companion for them. I already have garlic around mine.

Hmm…@Herbalist would be good for this subject…


Oh Man. 10-4 on the garlic too. We put 300 in this fall which is enough to last through the next harvest and gift some away. We like to make a whole dehydrator load full of thick slices of the biggest cloves to eat as “garlic chips”. Giant sunflowers don’t really smell but they are a good cloak as well.


I’ll have to look into the garlic chip idea. My wife and I both love it, so seems like a win!

Here in Australia that is a noxious weed, ,so to plant it would be a give away unless on a property .

Which is a noxious weed? Cleome? Never heard it referred to as a noxious weed before now.

Maybe off topic but anecdotal evidence strongly suggests garlic possesses highly potent aphrodisiac properties.

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@FloridaSon absolutely interested thank you for tagging me

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The old outdoors plant getting a bit stinky :joy: I dont have any solutions colt but will be interesting to hear how you deal with it. Smells always gonna be be biggest problem in your backyard. good luck mate :+1:

I just built a green house around it enclosed the smell , you still get a whiff of it here and their, but nowhere near as much


I believe it’s more than just anecdotal. :imp:

Add some avocado to the mix and I have a hard time not putting my hands on my wife!:wink:

I also don’t understand the noxious weed comment @Coltfire? I’m assuming you’re talking about the Cleome?

I saw that it warns of becoming invasive if allowed to go. Same with Wisteria here, but I have to have some around. It’s also a claimed aphrodisiac, though I like my tea olive and sweet almond a little better. :wink:


I like your thinking, but my only worry is what is the humidity like in that greenhouse?

None its more of s cover that is air rated ,but enough to keep most of the smell in, during the day if not windy I uncover her anyways, I won’t grow afghani out in the open again, the smell is so strong.