The Scents of Curing from SAME plant but different harvest times

Here is my situation:

I’m a second year grower and fairly new smoker.

This year I successfully grew a decent size Super Skunk. Not only that but I was able to plant the initial topped bit and it took. I later had about 4 trimmings that I also planted and they took (clones?). So I ended up with two Smart Pots - one with the mother plant and its topper, and the other with four stems that became pretty large themselves.

I decided to stagger my harvest to experiment with my enjoyment of the cloudiness/amberness of the trichomes. Also, my schedule forced me to harvest some a bit early, mid-stage, and late.

Therefore, I have 3 mason jars, each with the same plant but harvested at different times. I am noticing that they have different scents. I know that they were harvested/dried at different times but the scents seem to be really different…especially the later harvest with the most amber.

Is this something anyone here has experience with? Early vs. late scents/flavors of same plant?


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Interesting subject. I’m following along to see what the experts say. I like the science behind how things work or happen and I’m sure this will lead that direction. Since I know @Niala and @latewood and @garrigan62 are all very experienced and knowledgeable guys maybe one of them can answer.

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Yup solid tags. Ill add a few more of growers with multiple harvests. Im intrigued as well. @Countryboyjvd1971 @MattyBear @Willd @TDubWilly

Any observations to add here?


I’m going to say that sounds about right, but I’ll be able to tell you better shortly when I have some mature samples of the same strains where I had to harvest some premature sticks due to blow down.Gold Leaf, Purple Haze, La Confidential, will all be god examples. I also had a secondary pineapple haze harvest 2 weeks after the initial bulk was harvested to compare to the stuff I took at 10% amber

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Somehow im off ur journal again. I know plenty to catch up on. I gotta see those monsters

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As it aged longer, i’m assuming the terpenes matured also, giving different smells, and probably slightly different taste also.


Yes…I have done the very same thing my last two grows and yes there is a big difference in smell and potency I find that the early harvest when let to dry longer the better it gets. The smell I think come’s from what stag you took it from.cloudness and amberness.


Nice to see you back kicking it G man

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Would love to help but, sorry; I can’t make out what you are asking. It
is more of a comment to me.

He was wanting to know why the buds harvested at different times i.e. early , on time, and late had drastically different smells to them.