I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced anything like this. Back in November I harvested some purple kush auto. Same buds i entered in Nov. bud of the month. After drying (15 days total since the buds were so dense). Cured for 2 weeks. After about 2 1/2 weeks pulled a bud to test. Smoke was super smooth but buz was mediocre at best. Disappointed set it. Fast forward to Feb. 2 months after initial cure. I still popped jars several times a week from then til now. The difference…went from smelling grape like to a super strong lemon scent. Packed a bowl and after 3 hits, I was ripped. Every thing about the initial harvest seemed to change. For the best


Wait :raised_hand: about 3 more weeks and it will be realky potent , its like moonshine in a charred barrel , the long it cures , the better it gets !
I know quite a few used Real Humidors for the high end bud , they rent cigar slots to keep the cigars and the high end exclusive bud in there :+1:, oh yes .


Absolutely. 2 weeks isn’t much of a cure. I experienced the same odor change on a super skunk. It started out very citrusy but after a couple months the skunk came out hardcore.


45 -60 days minimum at a steady 68 -72 degrees with about 35% humidity will have them tight and solid , nice hard sparkly nuggets !

I grew a bag seed last year thst i called lemon tree because it smelled so much like lemons from start of flower till it went in grove bags.
Weeks later when opened, its straight gasoline smell and no hint of lemon left really.

Ive had smells change before with pineapple and zkittlez but never had it become that much more potent.