The hight of my new LED lights

Hi there,
This is 450watt LED lights , is the hight ok or i need to adjust it?

First let me say…Welcome to ILGM

Ok, well how far is it now ?
Your pic dont say, so there is no way for me to say or anyonce else.
Im not trying to be 'an ass but if you can measure and tell us then. Then we can answer your question.
Waiting your responce


Thanks Garrigan
the hight is 1m from the floor and about 70-80 cm from the top of the plant


I very sorry. But I have absolutely no idea how far that is.
Could you give that in …inches or feet. Or someone will come by and help.


28"- 32" for the cm, 1m is 39"

I can’t answer the distance question, tho

Thank you Sir…thank you very much. :blush:


You could bring it down some so that your plants dont stretch.
Rule of thumb is if the heat from the light is to hot on the back of your hand then its to hot for your plant.


My 450 w led light will burn my Gold Leaf plant if the leaves get closer than 27 inches from the light. The White Widow can stand being a couple of inches closer.

what brand do you have (450w) ?

Co2 is the last thing I would want to play with.
Get the plant dialed in and running at max before you try to take it over its best.
I would really only want to use Co2 on clones so they are all the same, The slight differences in seeds could be a nightmare.
Playing with Co2 first would be like putting nitro on your family car, there are a lot more simpler and cheaper things you could do first before gassing it.