The great Florida outdoors

New to the group. This is my gorilla glue I started late. Started the seeds the last week of May and put them in the ground three weeks ago. They’re growing in some 707 soil and I put the first gallon of terp tea on them this week. I’m going to do the terp tea every five days. We’re getting way too much rain right now, it’s raining a couple inches every day but I have good drainage. I’ll post weekly updates of the plants and nutrients I’m giving them. We have a long growing season so hopefully they’ll grow till August before they start to bud. I fight the bud rot every year but I think I just about have it figured out. I’ll start spraying peroxide in water weekly as soon as they start showing. It worked good last year. I’ve been using the 707 and terp tea for a couple years now and really like it, so I’ll stick with it. I live in the woods so I have to watch where I step, walked up on this huge diamond back Monday


Welcome! Good looking plant, and definitely need watch where you step in those parts!

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Great looking plants and nice Future wallet :grin::wink:
And Welcome :metal::green_heart:


We are going on 7 weeks of rain and chilly temps here. My poor plants are half the size of yours! Best to you!

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Welcome to the group. Plants are looking good.

Your plant looks lovely!
Also, glad to see that you escaped a situation that could have definitely ruined your day!

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Welcome to the forum @WickedStiffie !

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Welcome to the growing community of farmers :evergreen_tree: :man_farmer: