The Difference Between Mycorrhizae and Microbe Products

I see a lot of growers confuse microbe products and mykos products. They are different.

Mykos (mycorrhizae) is a fungus that works with your roots to enhance the root system.

Microbes are beneficial bacteria that consume the nutrients in the soil and poop out a more easily absorbed form of those nutrients for the plant to use.


Good information thank You :blush::v:


Moral of the story - Use Both.
Well straight Hydro is an exception. As are standing Rez’s i.e. autopots, drip feed

Diversity is good and one benefits the other, in most mediums.


This is not to promote Advanced Nutrients, rather an example of two sources of bacteria and fungi.
However, I do use both products.
AN describes Voodoo Juice as beneficial bacteria, root expander and colonizer. It contains several soil based bacteria (Bacillus)
AN describes its Piranha as a beneficial fungi for roots and nutrient uptake enhancer.

I also throw in either Tribus or FishSh-t.


I do. I use these:

Urb is microbes (hard to find now.) I add 5ml once a week.

And Xtreme Gardening Mykos (for root enhancing fungi.) I layer in mykos when doing my last transplant. I use about a half-cup in total for 10 gallon bags.


Me too, I have quite a few in my arsenal. Tribus/Microbe-Life/UltraB/Mykos/Azos/MIIM/fishsh!t/recharge - I see Urb on-sale online alot, never looked at its CFU counts…Obviously works well I’ve seen your plants/grows. I’ll drop a quart in my cart next time I order.

I use the Extreme on in my veggie garden transplants too, plants do awesome. Never had an 800lb Punkin tho.


I was going to post links to the stuff on Amazon, but all they had for Urb was a 10 liter bottle for about $300. They no longer have quart bottles, but that could always change.

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GrowGreen is where I see it frequently for $35/qt $100/Gal…but has fee ship minimums…
I have a lot of luck there on decent pricing.


One small sample bottle of fish sh!t has lasted me years since i transfer microbe colonies from old coco to new i also give them a few shakes of this during my mixing along with my old truck nutrients thats has mykos in it then the microbes get fed 1 TBSP molasses a week


I’m about to transfer my seedling into into first pot, are one or both needed?

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No. They are helpful, but not required.

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I have ordered mycorrhizal fungi, but I won’t need it for a couple of months. Should I keep it in a refrigerator until I need it?

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I store mine in a cabinet in my grow room.

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