The changes that pH adjustment alone did for me

The photos are about 8 to 10 days apart I didn’t note it. pH down and a little Cal mag is all I’ve given it besides pH adjusted water that I haven’t really paid the proper attention to in the past. RV water filters are wonderful thing.


She could use a product with micronutrients (copper, boron, iron, manganese,…) Fox farm’s Big Bloom is a good example of nutes with just the micronutrients.


I have only just started that. I just got the bottle from Amazon and it’s going to be a little at a time until I find a place that they’re happy. 2 in underneath the topsoil I have a layer of 30 30 earthworm castings that should just be right where they need to be when the roots get that developed but they do need a little boost right now to get there. The lightness and their appearance right now are because of the pH down I had to get the soil right before I could worry about what I was feeding them or I was going to lose them all.

One more week of veg and the lights change

What is this.

UV light for the sour diesel that’s susceptible to mildew I run it 15 minutes twice a week

Last prune before light change.

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