The biggest pests of all; POLICE

1 day out from harvest and one of the neighbors must of rung the filth .
I’m absolutely shattered


Sorry for your loss!

I feel your pain 100%, as my girl friend killed all of my beautiful girls in a fit of rage!
She bought me a new bong the next day though…

Dang sorry for the loss

Thanks mate .
I downloaded about 10 gangsta rap songs about snitches and blasted it out the back yard for 4 hours while I took the kids surfing ( but then again I’m probably only perpetuating stereotypes now …lols )

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Faaark , what did you do ?
It must of been a real nice billy to keep her around

You should have burned all her clothes in your own fit of rage, but that’s the spoiled little s#it in me talking.

Good job maintaining your composure and not kicking her to the curb.


Yea I know, and trust me when I say that it took every ounce of will power not to destroy everything she loved. But, I’m better than that. She’s a great girl, and realized how badly she !@#$ed up days after the incident. She went out and bought me a beautiful “Adventure Time” bong with a nice oil rig set up as well. And she didn’t break any lights or anything, just killed my girls :cry:

I’m waiting on seeds to begin the whole process over! I’ll start a new journal for everyone when I do.


They always go after the things you care about other them… mines gets mad that I give my plants more attention

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