0_o Whats the closest you have been to caught Growing? Or Big Scares

So what is the closest you have been to caught?
Did you have to change your pants after?

Here is my recent one.

I was in my living room and i flip to my security cam… and i see this 0_o

now, im not a paranoid person but it caught my attention. So i watch

And then…

This power company looking guy walking out of my yard… FULL BLOWN PARANOIA

So i Flip all My breakers off including accidentally shutting off the power for the camera

Walk back to my living room and suddenly find my self wishing i was religious so i could pray to god to save me 0_o

I walk outside and face my inevitable and messy end and i walk up and say hey…everything cool?
the cop looks at me and she holds her hand up to stop me and says yea…

( 0_o ) okay so this is not about me? (now the guy turns around and i realize it is my neighbor… not a power company employee of doom who noticed something when he read the meter or something)

(Cop) Nope

0_o …okay

I walk back in and turn everything on and hit my bowl excessively

Then i changed my pants 0_o



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A few years ago I had a cop come down our road also. I noticed he went to the neighbors, he then He started walking to my house… clearly he could smell what was growing on here!!!

I hurried over to the end of my driveway to try to prevent him from getting closer. He must of gotten a whiff of :poop: instead of pot cus I was definitely crapping my pants at this point.

As soon as I got to the driveway he asked if I knew my neighbors mower had been stolen. I said no officer I had not known and will be on the lookout for any suspicious characters other than yourself in our neighborhood

That’s the last interaction we had


I had to shut down my grow and I threw out 2 flowering plants last Summer. We had a family member who developed a psychosis with paranoia and she began ratting people out. Apparently I wasn’t on her list of people to cause problems for.

I waited a few months and started another grow.


Few years back had a really close call with some outdoor girls.
Got a phone call from a buddy said we could be in :poop:. Choppers were flying locally on their yearly search checking for gardens.
Buddy got there before I did and layed all the plants ( 20 or so in bigger pots :man_facepalming: ) down pretty much where they were.
Got a few pulled into the trees , brush over another few.
No sooner in the house and thup thup thup .:helicopter::helicopter:
All black with no markings and with a fellow in full assault gear in the door way just over the house.
They circled the yard a couple times then settled right over some plants that were layed down.
Fella hung out the door looking down but they didn’t see them or land , just flew off after circling one more time.
Don’t know how they didn’t see them cause they weren’t covered up that well. :man_facepalming:
We waited for over an hour for the cruisers to show up in the yard but they were a no show.
Def a pucker moment for us.

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@Oldguy while I was reading your post I started laughing almost an outloud giggle because all I could see in my mind was Cheech laying on top of the ladder acting like he was swimming :rofl::joy:

Just your name says I don’t need to explain but for the youngins it’s from one of the Creech n Chong movies when the tarp that covered their friends grow tore and it looked like a swimming pool so he clogged the hole with his body acting like he was swimming. I’m sure you can find it on you tube it’s much funnier than it sounds. I loved those movies watched them at a drive in high as hell


Think it was “Nice Dreams “.

Yep. Found it. :+1::joy:
No vid. :man_facepalming:


Well, I had about 6 bag seed plants growing on my patio. They were doing way better thin I thought they would, and I was getting paranoid as hell. This was last summer. Anyway I am home on a nice Saturday, I did a wake and bake, I kind of over imbibed. I was having a hard time trying to drink coffee through permagrin then I hear pounding on the door. Relentless pounding followed by "LEAGUE CITY PD OPEN THE G#( $!*n DOOR NOW ! i think, “crap. here we go” I open the door and im looking down the barrel of a .45 being held by a very nervous young man. I thought it was odd over a few plants, I asked the cop what i needed to do to get the gun out of my face and he said he wanted to cuff me up. I gave him my hands and everyone calmed down. So a dozen more cops showed up and his sergeant came over and started asking me a bunch of questions. Turns out, one of my neighbors was wanted for domestic violence and they got the wrong place. I didn’t want to push to hard, I was growing dope after all, but I did bitch to the Sargent a little, and pointed out that not to long before my incident two folks had been shot, a man and his wife over a little cocaine during a no knock raid. HE was really cool about it. We cleared it up and they left. In the end they got their guy a week later. Dude had gone crazy and SWAT came here and shot the guy in the head twice. But that’s the closest I have ever come.


So they never saw your plants?

Nope. That’s why I was so confused. I figured they were there for me, but they came in hot and hard. Why they just didn’t come in the front and back door I cant say. Had they done that, I would have been had. Legally it would have been a pain in the ass. They are weird how they do weed here. My plants were just showing pistoles. Had they found them I would have been charged for possession of the weight of the dried plants. I would have been very little fish in the scheme of things. Probation at best. Mostly I was worried about dude blowing my head off. Never thought I would feel safe in hand cuffs. Since then I have tightened up my experimentation. Looking forward to my next grow.

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Well damn. Are we neighbors? You in the big state?

Only came close with outdoor plants and nosy neighbors, won’t be doing any more outdoor grows, not worth blowing what I got going on inside the house.


Hell, around here they weigh the dirt too! When I was in the navy I went to vist a friend in L.A… There was a knock at the door & they were hollering L.A.P.D. open up. So Barb said keep them out for as long as you can & went in the bathroom & started flushing a few pounds down the toilet. I taked thru the door to the police a bit till I heard them laughing. I opened the door and it was her neighbors coming over to meet me thinking they were being funny, I hollered to Barb to quit flushing & she came out crying thinking she had gotten me in trouble with the police & navy. When she found that it was her two neighbors she blew up & told them about flushing all of THIER weed, she was holding for them.


For Now. Things are changing to much for us here, They seem to be pricing out the riffraff. We are looking at Prescott AZ. Its legal there !


Agree. Those bag seeds were like a little kid playing with matches. I planted them and they just shot off. There was no stopping them. Typically when i planted bag seeds they just shot up about 8 inches and died. These dudes just shot up and exploded. kind of like when the little kid accidently starts a forest fire. cant say what the soil was other then it was crappy dirt i used for my yucca. the duds were about the size of a 50 sect piece. decent pot.


Small world. I’m a few exits down 45

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i have a 120 site EZ clone machine and i have a few plants that could donate a few clippings 0_o

sooo… im gonna jonny apple seed this shiz every random street corner i can find will get a well rooted clone in a solo cup and a hartey good luck!

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Nice. You seeing allot of construction? 146 from NASA heading to the island is a mess. My primary transportation is a motorcycle. Very sketchy at times, but its still a nice ride.


Yeah 146 is trash and going to be for a while but when it’s complete it’s going to be nice to just bypass Kemah. They’re almost done building my bridge (that they tore down to widen 45) which I’m excited about because it caused a 4 mile detour for me for the last few years.

I got caught by my land lord well soon to be land lord

Pretty stupid nwhen I was new grower we had an outdoor shed non insulated its was 6x8 I famed out the back 2 x6 area… put up dry wall stuck an ac in there and had a panel that came out easy by the ac side with a whole cut out for the duct and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff on the duct to hide it I had put up a shelf and hung rags and stuff to disguise the seem it worked well untill the old land lord sold the building and the new buyer was poking around and I had the door locked but nosy picked the lock and seen me sitting outside on the other side of the quadplex because i knew who the ppl were and what they were doing I had extension cords from my side if the place ran over the roof and painted them same color as roof shingles lol I tried to hide it but locks keep honest men honest u know… so it was good for months and then when he found it he approached me he said what ever you got growing in there… GET IT OUT… I said I dont know what your talking about :smirk::wink: … he left in 10 minutes my best friend was here and 1 minute we through 10 plants in his SUV and they were relocated to his backyard… here they are
This just a few but u can see they are outside … they started flower on that day … nean whilenthis was the bait and switch because those were lil veg babes and in my house I had these
6 big purple haze in flower week 5 lol he never asked to see in my house and just to be safe I put this pic proof latch lock down at the foot of the door and painted it white like the door so they couldn’t be citizen watch and help them selves into my house … that sucked needless to say I was pretty paranoid for last couple of weeks and I had to move 3 weeks later of course big girls weren’t done but the show must go on they joined there a migos at my boys house they all got finished :wink::smirk::wink: stick and move …wow I’ve grown in 6 different locations now