THC bomb is sick…HELP

I’m not sure where I went wrong. She was just 100% healthy a week ago. I did a 2nd top dressing using down to earth nutes assuming they’d be getting hungry soon and then this happened. I’m growing in ocean forest soil and have only used dry amendments besides CalMag. I’m open to any suggestions. I’ve been watering every 2-3 days. I’m growing in 3gal fabric pots.

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Is this a CalMag def, 2nd top dress amendments haven’t broken down yet, or possible ph problem?

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Looks like a Cal-Mag def. How much are you giving her? I usually give 5ml on just watering days.


I was giving 3ml per gal. I haven’t given CalMag since I flipped to 12/12 which was 3 weeks ago as I was trying to cut back on the nitrogen.

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Looks to me like cal-mag especially if you haven’t given any in 3 weeks. But plant still looks great, i feed cal-mag once a week on a watering day with 5ml per gallon when I’m in early flower, all the way tho harvest. But I’m in 5 gallon pots so 3ml might be ok because your in 3 gallon pots. Hope this helps keep up the good work

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It is nitrogen toxicity (dark, waxy leaves with tip burning,) but not too bad.

Most plants do need cal/mag supplementation once flowering. It may be an issue as well. Does “besides calmag” mean that you are using a cal/mag supplement?

Are you monitoring PPM? Your plant looks overfed.

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Yes, I’m using CalMag by botanicare. Any recommendations as to how to correct this issue? I figured a flush wouldn’t be as helpful since I’m using slow release dry amendments. I haven’t checked ppm’s since I try not to water to runoff. Should I be watering to some run off?

It’s not too bad. I wouldn’t flush. Just give it a break from the nitrogen for a week.

Growers should always monitor pH and PPM.


What’s a decent amount of runoff you’d aim for since I’m using dry amendments? I also add recharge once a week to help microbes. I’ll check ph and ppm today once I water.

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yes you should be getting some runoff. if you don’t, nutrients will build up in the soil and mess with the ph. i would water with plain water until runoff and ph the runoff before doing anything else

edit: don’t need a ton of runoff. 10-20%

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@MidwestGuy so I watered with plan tap water mixed with CalMag which had a ph of 7.1. My runoff came out at 6.4 and ppm was at 4K. I gave 5ml of CalMag. Hopefully there’s still some life in my girls and time to turn things around.

Here’s a pic of how she’s looking the day after giving CalMag. Is there still hope? Things took a drastic turn in just a matter of days smh. I intend to alternate between watering w/ recharge & CalMag for the next couple of watering. I feel like I shot myself in the foot by not adding CalMag the past few weeks.

@dbrn32 @MattyBear


What else are you feeding? And what is total concentration and ph of your nutrient solution?

I’ve top dressed 3tbsp per gal of DTE flower mix 4-8-4. I’ve used 3 compost teas so far consisting of seabird guano, alfameal, kelp meal, and earthworm castings brewed for 24hrs. I’ve given molasses sometimes as well with just plan water. 1tbsp per gal.

Ph solution has always been between 6.2-7 before watering


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Looks like you got some good advice from MidwestGuy and dbrn32, you’ll get her straightened around slowly but surly, but the damage is done.