Testing THC/CBD content?

Does anyone test their THC/CBD content at home? While personally curious, I also have a friend who does some baking that has been asked about edibles. To do so, she would like/need/want some way to speak to the potency of her items.

Recreationally, it’s legal to grow it, consume/smoke it. But not to sell it. Edibles are a fuzzy grey area.


At home test from Amazon-



If you can’t get it tested, the next best thing is to estimate the thc content of the bud used. If you bought it at a shop, that amount is listed. If it’s homegrown, take the breeder’s average THC estimates and divide 1000 by that number. That gets you THC mg/gram dried bud.

For instance, if the average THC is listed as 15-20%, then each gram of bud used in edibles has approximately 150-200 grams of thc. Then just do more math to figure out the THC content per serving of finished product.

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Thanks! As far as what I’m dosing with now… it’s my own GC I grew. I might get that kit and test my stuff so I can estimate going forward.