Testing % of THC

Anytime you buy bud from a dispensary it’s labeled with the % of THC in the product . I have seen it’s as low as 17% and as high as 28%. My question is; How would the average guy go about finding the % of THC in the weed that he grew at home?


Smoke it if course! Lol! Naw man they got these labs you send a sample to. I’ve read where some here had it done but can’t remember who.

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I believe @Hellraiser can help you with the lab testing.

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Guess no one knows!

There are labs but it can get spendy. A friend used one but he is working on a process for removing THC so the local hemp farmers don’t lose and entire crop!

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Thin-layer chromatography Or tcheck dot me are a couple of home testing

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Never trust the dispensaries thc % reports. Also thc doesn’t mean a thing if I being honest. There are alot of things that factor into the potency and how it effects you. I had 30% stains that seemed more like 15% and had 15% strains know your ass.

The only time thc % matters at all imo is if you’re making extracts. Some of the strongest bud I’ve smoked looked like nothing special.

With modern breeding being what it is and all these poly hybrids its honestly hard to find a strain that’s not patient no matter the %.

In my opinion good flower expodes with terpines. If it doesn’t smell and taste great it doesn’t matter the strength.


@Bozzzzz check out the higrade app

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I send mine to a lab.

If you want to find out the % of THC in your homegrown than you would contact yoyr local testing lab. A quick google search will find you a few. Oregon is a mecca for this.


Don’t trust it to be 100% correct. Some insight info.
Labs want to produce high results. Flower with a high %. You come to this lab and your flower may be higher. Very shady.
Labs will also test a most potent part of the plant. Lets say its Blue Dream and tests out at 21.7%. (Just that one test of the best flower) Bow all the flower from that batch is at 21.7%. A bud. B bud. And the duff. Hmmm…
Also. The labs work on small amounts of grams. I have herd of some dielling dow. The amount on the amount but loading more product to test. Resulting in a higher THC % outcome.
To be honast the cannabis industry can be quite shady at times. Once we can get a home test and be accurate with it is when we will know.

Dang. I feel like im the Debby Downer now :frowning:

Puff on my friends puff on.


I was just curious and looked around a bit. They have home test kits ( if I can call them “kits”) but they’re like $400. F that, I’m not that interested. I had the same thoughts that one bud might be more potent than the rest of the harvest. I was always skeptical about the THC claims that the dispensaries label their products with.

I guess the old smell, taste, smoke test is still the most reliable.

A couple local grow shops around here are able to test the % on the spot and actually do it free. Also there are some devices being advertised now about 80 bucks u.s.

We don’t have dispensaries here in NY yet. Politicians keep getting in the way unfortunately, but at least they finally legalized it.

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Look on Amazon potency tester cannibas they have a bunch

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There is an at home kit now you take purchase and test at home

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@kaptain3d do you remember who use a testing lab. I know I seen it in some 1 journal. I thought it was @Hellraiser but I might be wrong

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Yea I feel u on that. I used 2 drive 2 Mass for the dispensaries

I saw it too, but I can’t remember who either… :man_shrugging:

Maybe @Covertgrower would remember… :thinking:


No idea, never had any bud tested, but would like to.

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