Temperature over night how to offset the cold

@beachglass any chance you can grab some photos of your heater setup. I can’t quite fathom how it works and fits together ?

The best pic i have is above. I turn heater off when lights on.

Any chance of a pic when the setup is together?

Hi there. Here r a couple pics i can explain better.

The pole circled is used to hang an opened cardboard box or curtain. This should reach the floor.

This is the heater in front of a Vornado humidifier. The area behind ‘curtain’ is is about
3’x3’. The intake fans have flex added and the heat and humidity goes in tent.

This pic is the 2 6" exhaust fans being vented to basement. When gets too hot in tents, i turn on the booster fan.
This works for me.

Winter temps in my grow space get down to 53F overnight too. It’s never been a problem.