Temp & Humidity

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“My curing tent temp is only getting to a low of 73degreesf and humidity is at a low of 60% with a dehumidifier. What can i do if the is the lowest i can get my temp and humidity”


Thanks @ILGM.Zoe,

You can first try to close any air intake for “day time” light schedule and see what’s the results…

Second, try to help your deshumidifier by buying a couple of boveda 49% large pack or the 32% small ones (boveda do not make them in large)

Third, boost your CFM exhaust fan…

And forth all the above…:wink:

To lower your temp, you can use dry ice in some kind of compartiment that will allow you to open it when needed.

@Countryboyjvd1971 is an Hvac specialist and most probably will have other solution :grinning:

Hoping that’s helping you, dear customer,

~Al :v: :innocent:


I live in a temperate rain forest (Southeast Alaska) and am in a constant battle with humidity. A quality dehumidifier is the next investment but for now I’m having to improvise. Does anyone know if “Damp Rid” is safe to use in the tent? What about this device… has anyone used a similar item or know whether it would be worth giving it a try?

Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a good dehumidifier I’d be interested :sunglasses::v:

I have use something similar call pot Dry-Z-Air and it’s safe to use @GreenThunder

And here’s a deshumidifier that should help you, depends on the size of your tent.


Hoping that you’ll find this helpful @GreenThunder


Charcoal, cat litter, silica, all will help pull the moisture out of the air. I have a couple cans filled with DE and charcoal in my grow area… DE is silica in a finer form. Damp Rid, is just the above put into a fancy holder.

If you were desperate to stop a mold problem, you could just grind it up freshly picked and decarb it in the oven: Spread thin layer on cookie sheet and preheat to 110 C or 230 F. Put the cookie sheet in there for 110 minutes, then cool it off. Ready to smoke or cook with. Converts all THCA to THC, gets rid of all water, and kills mold.

Might not smoke as well as classical drying and curing, but it saves you from mold.

VERY helpful! Thank you :v::green_heart:
I think that size would be perfect… at least it’s a place to start. I also wasn’t sure if I should get one that size for in the tent or a large one for the room :thinking:
I’ve got 2 large buckets of the damprid in the tent and it seems to be working for now but is definitely a temp solution.

My gals are still a few weeks from flowering and I’m already looking forward to the next batch… when some of these kinks are worked out :smile::v:

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@GreenThunder southeast Alaska here too… you need something serious for the amount of rain we get. Highly suggest a good quality dehumidifier. I just ordered one from E of bay for $40. It was refurbished, but it’s a $297 item on amazon. There were more available, and I got it shipped to AK for free. Hope this helps.


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I’ve always thought I should have something like this in my home… now it’s become a necessity :wink:

Is there a difference in the efficiency of the 30 pt vs the 70 pt? Does the 70 work better for a larger area or does it just hold more and be able to drain with hose?

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Just being able to drain with a hose is huge. I’ll have to invest in one before next spring.

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@GreenThunder yes. The numbers are how much water can be removed from the air in 24 hours. Not how much it can hold. The 70 pint unit is better.

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That’s what I thought. Definitely worth the extra then. Thank you for your help :sunglasses::v::green_heart:

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