Dehumdifier recommendations?

Hello all,
Living in a dry desert I never thought I would have this problem but my RH has skyrocketed since they are now much older. Am searching for a dehumidifier but all of them are for 1500 sq feet or more and look like they are for large rooms. I have a small 4x2x4 Tent and wondering if you guys had any recommendation that pull out a little humidity but won’t take it all out on the lowest setting.
Right now I’m letting it run with the door partially open which I know isn’t great for circulation.
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

You can buy a small dehumidifier for just the tent, but they do put off some heat, and if you’re running a vent from outside the tent for fresh air the dehumidifier will be constantly trying to remove moisture.
The best route is to condition the air outside the tent and keep a steady flow of that air going into the grow area. This is what I’m currently planning on doing.
I’ve got an 1100sq ft basement. I’ll be adding a 70 pint dehumidifier with a condensate pump. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the rh below 50% this summer.
I’m currently looking at this model. It seems to have the best reviews.

Woooaahhah boy! First of all thanks so much @Drinkslinger but I had had to give the IRS the last of my funds lol. I am looking for something in like the $40 range or so, but man that one you sent looks awesome! Thanks for all the helpful information. I wasn’t aware that they put off heat. I am not running a vent from outside, but I hope to soon. Right now I’m just using house air which hopefully is not attributing to the problem. Its very cold where I lived so I didn’t want to pump in cold air and then attempt to heat it inside the tent. I’m running passive with a flap open. I normally have very low humidity here which is why I didn’t account for this problem ahead of time. In their first couple weeks of life I was going through 2 gallons of distilled everyday just to maintain 40% RH. While I am glad those days are over I will be equally glad for the too high RH to be over with too. Thanks for all your great feedback but I’m gonna have to keep searching as I unfortunately don’t have $200 right now :frowning: Thank you so much!

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Believe me, I don’t really want to spend $300 keeping my basement dryer, not to mention the 650watts that thing draws, but the rh can get to 70-80% in the summer in my basement.
Perhaps someone else can chime in here.
What size room is your tent in? Where is it located?

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I figured you didn’t want to either lol I live in a very dry place. Usually our humidity during the summer is at 30% if that. My tent is in a basement but currently in the basement the humidity is only 18% outside of the tent.

Since humidity is relative have you thought about adjusting temp a bit to assist with the amount of moisture the air is able to hold? Obviously have to keep it optimal but the variance between 68/69 and 78/79 is quite significant.

Also have you thought about increasing the exhaust fan and cutting down your intake a bit? This is typically what I do for small adjustments with humidity.

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No I hadn’t! Been trying to keep it as close to 75 as possible, so if I lower it to say 68 then the air will be able to hold less water? To be honest I didn’t even really understand what relative humidity meant, I thought it took an average of the air around it. Learn something new everyday! Currently my exhaust fan is all the way on high because that was the only setting where I noticed the tent slightly sucked in. So I can also make my intake flap smaller and let in less air. Learned another thing! Thank you so much!!

Always happy to help. Exactly, lower the temp, less evaporation. This is why we usually have higher temps in veg - we want more transpiration which will evaporate moisture from the plant. Transpiration is what causes growth and is why we cut the temps in flower back and let it work harder on forming the buds.

You got it - I run a 4 inch intake reducer (so only last few feet is 4) vs a 6 inch exhaust to do the exact same thing. Play with all these adjustments and you’ll find your sweet spot. Once you have this down you’re really off to the races

Check Amazon they have big to mini dehumidifiers.

I use “Eva-Dry” and got them through their website.
They have several models like the EDV-2200
Good for small spaces

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Looks like you gotten some good advice
If your in the dessert and humidity is low having good air exchange should help with the rh
What’s the humidity outside the tent ?

Well its usually around 18% RH but I just recently found out my basement is leaking, hence the insane amount of RH. I bought an expensive humdifier that I couldn’t afford and got the leak fixed. I’m currently in the flushing stage and about to harvest. Very nervous though. Also pump on air conditioner just went out. I ordered another and I’m praying it shows up sooner then is estimated because I’m not sure I can keep temp under 70 degrees for drying! Also, I only have a swamp cooler which would pump up the RH! Not sure how this is going to go!