Technaflora recipe for succes, review

Have someone tried Technaflora recipe for success, in soil? This is the thing, I’m growing on soil, i’m using formula 707 from Aurora Innovations, and i started in week 3, to add nutrients from technaflora recipe for succes, unfortunately I almost burn my plants I see some Nitrogen toxicity so I start flushing, plants are ok right now, but i’m no quite sure how should I feed 4 plants since the instructions are clear for hydroponics but not for soil, i wanna know if someone has use this technaflora recipe on soil before with good results. CS from technaflora not as good as i expected, still waiting for instructions.

This bag seed plant was grown and main lined with The Recipe of Success ?

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wow nice training, and you feed her with the technaflora kit?

Yeah I grew this plant with The recipe for success .

That’s the first line of nutrients I used worked really well great tasting buds not really huge buds like I got from advanced nutrients


Dude THat is an awesome looking piece of work .Hammer