Taking plants indoors to induce flowering?

I wanted to know if a plant is growing outside in a container, can I bring it inside to 12 on/off . And on that same note, can you bring them in and out over the Lifespans?

Save electricity etc

If your going to bring them in for 12/12 you will have to leave them in till they finish or just leave them where they are.
You should never mess with their light @ 12/12


Thanks Will
Is there a weakening of the plant by bringing her indoors after such robust outside life?

Well, you can take them in and out, nothing beats the power of the real sun, but as Will said, and especially during the flowering period, you need to keep the light schedule consistent, so the plant is getting the same amount of total uninterrupted darkness at the exact same time of day, every day.

On lighting:
Indoor grow
Synthesize moonlight (specifically full moon)? For a little extra photosynthesis during either phase of growth.
Any thoughts or knowledge on this subject would be appreciated for being shared

No, you do not want to interrupt the dark cycle with any light, especially during flowering.

Like I said Drew, no light what so ever @ 12/12