Taking fan leaves off

Got 2 weeks till harvest currently on week 6 got some fat nugs, was wondering if i should strip the rest of the fan leaves or leave em till week 8 , Outdoor grow btw


I’m only on my first run so no advice for you, but damn your girls look GREAT! Did I mention she’s Thiiick Thiiick. Very nice!! :fire::fire::ok_hand::100:

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I normally just take the fan leaves off that are shading other buds and to get better air flow


On outdoor, I typically only remove dead, dying and diseased. I also remove the larf buds close tobthe main stem 4 or 5 branches down from the top and all the way to the ground. Other than that leave er be!


I concur.
Plant looks happy. You have 2-4 weeks left. Leave the leaves.


yup im cutting the end of this month which is gonna be 8 weeks. In 2 weeks

Great job ! nice looking plants I love to see plants finish healthy, and not burn up. I agree with the other community members.

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Any/all, please advise…
This, and a few others not as mature, is Blueberry Fem - growing outdoors since ~July and cicadas died-off.
Given, I didn’t provide as much N as I should have and have also been dealing with Powdery Mildew - removing affected leaves.
Should I be removing the 5 and 3 Fan leaves or only diseased/dying and where they are blocking light?

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Nice plant! Yeah that can be a problem. I would certainly remove any dead, dying or diseased material as it happens. As for the light blockers… not on an outdoor plant…the sun is a great penetrator.
Also any leaves that may be harboring pests, like aphids… if there are lots… just yank the entire leaf.

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