Take a Journey with Me

Okay this is my first grow! I’m a little late to start a journal but I decided “Why Not!” I didn’t find this amazing website until half way through my grow so Im going to be posting quite a few pics all at once. I’m planning to start my next grow once this one is done and that one will be started inside and transition to my garden outside.

Okay so here’s some info for what I’m using for my first grow.

Strain: Cherry Head from Pure Sunfarms 1:1 ratio CBD /THC
Tent: Mars Hydro 2x4
Lights: Tolys 1000w led plus 2 double bulb t8 fluorescent lights
Soil: Made my own from garden compost, peat-moss, vermiculite, worm casting, bonemeal
Nutrients: tea made from coffee grinds, eggshells, bananas, maple wood ashes and brewers yeast
Pot: 5gallon
Humidifier, honeywell fan
Plus a home made tomato cage for support/training.

Ok heres some pics from the beginning to now. Not going to post all but a few to see how it came along! Then Ill post as I go to keep you updated.

Flipped lights to 12/12 on Jan 7th
Last pic is 4.5 weeks into flower


I just installed the AC infinity 4” fan today


Look super! Nice grow room setup too.


Looking good!


Okay I’m doing a little prep work for my next grow, its going to start in the tent and then Ill move everything outside. I think I’ll do 3 plants plus all my veggies. 2x4 wont be enough space but ill have lots of hight. So I took an old ikea table that I dont use anymore, took it apart, cut it down to size and put it back together. I will then hang a light above it and below it for germination and part of veg. So I now have 4x4 space.


Here’s 34 days into flower

How are the buds doing for that time line? Still have 3-4 weeks to go.


Gorgeous looking tent!

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Thanks @Underthestairs , looking forward to these buds thickening out.

Nice grow! :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

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Here is 5 weeks into flower, starting to get a little smelly


Okay this is 6 weeks into flower, the leaves are turning a lighter green now.


Are they getting enough to eat? You have a ways to go. Keep them fed, they are consuming a lot right now.


7 weeks into flower


Im feeding organically, gave it tea I made this week, probably the last time. Im thinking I have 1-1.5 weeks left

Great looking plant, fat pineapple buds, my first attempt falls woefully short compared to yours. Nicely done. The shaping and maintenance of the canopy is a testament to learning and applying successful techniques.
It is good you gave them something to eat. Many, and I am among them, like to keep the nitrogen intake up through out flower. Helps power that bud growth. Based on the pistils I think your time assessment is right on. Maybe a little longer. Do you have a scope or loupe to check trichomes with?

I gave it some worm casting for nitrogen during flower but not as much as veg. I have a handheld scope Im using. The trichomes are all cloudy, but I saw a couple that have a speck of amber in them.

Ive read some people shut the lights off for 48H before harvest. Whats the reason/benefit behind this?

Supposedly the trichomes mature faster, but personally I don’t think there are any benefits. Either trichomes are ready or they’re not. I just chop after lights out. Call it a day.

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Tomorrow will be week 8, heres an update with some trichome pics, im still seeing clear/cloudy, but have some amber showing up. What do you guys think?


I can’t see the pistils real well but it looks like there are lots of white. The trichomes look like they are clouding up and I suspect the amber are on sugar leaves. My guess is at least a week maybe 2. Depends where you want them.