Switching from bottled water to ro water

Hi ppl I use bottled water on my amnesia haze auto I all ways wanted to use RO water but thought it was to much of a job buying everything and setting it up for one plant. So just used bottled water but found out a fish shop in my area sells reverse osmosis water 25l for about €2.50 so thinking about stopping the bottle stuff and switching stright to RO water will that have any negative impact on the plant at all . I wonder hmmmmm any info much appreciated.


Shouldn’t have any negative impact at all buddy. Just keep checking Ppms and pH like normal and you’ll be just fine

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Depending on growing method shouldn’t be any ill effects I assume you are feeding and ph correcting your water bottled will have a different start ph than RO which is normally very close to 7


If you have a refrigerator with a filter and you’re not hooked up to chlorinated city water I would check the pH and ppms of your own filtered water.

I bought about 12 gallons of RO drinking water and my guess is they add back in a little hardness for taste because the pH was about 7 but the ppms were 100. For reference the ppm of my fridges filtered water is only about 120-130.