Support w drooping

What’s wrong with Gary? Why she dropping so much? She went from crisp and shiny to droop overnight. I want to repot them to 2.5 gal w OF on all but 2-3” of HF on top, but they’re stressed rn. I let her go light as a feather and then give her about a1/4 cup water. She’s pretty much dry now. I have cal mag, but she’s so tiny. Any advice?

Also, is there a reason I cannot use drainage rocks in the body of the soil or at least as for 1-2”at the bottom of the pot?


If it’s soil no need for the drainage rocks really. Use perlite mixed in at about 30% it’ll aerate the soil enough. How big is the plant. Pics would help alot. How bout share a pic and let us see what’s happening. Too much water .ight have dampened off. What kinda light is it. May be not enough or too much pics shall tell along with few descriptions I asked for. Welcome

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Have drooping/clawing leaves also. Have new soils Fox Farm, O.F./H.F. used one part each soils, 1 part vermiculite. Bergman nutes using Grow time now with chart 3/4 tsp per gal. Leaves look good to me except for clawing. Not over watered keeping close eye on that. 1/2 gal every 3/4 days. These pics taken in the morning. Temp and RH not ideal at night but that is what I have. Days

temp/RH good. On 16 hrs light.