Super skunk plant 1st time grower

1st time grower, probably did it on the cheap side as I believed it would be as easy as the pot for pot video said it would be. Wondering if these look ready to harvest or just need more time and water?


You need to check your Trichomes to be sure if it’s time to harvest. If they are cloudy then your in the harvest window. I like cloudy and 10-15% amber on my Trichomes… you need to look at buds not sugar leaves. They look awesome. Super skunk auto was my last grow.


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Hard to tell without a clear view. They look a little premature still, especially the last one there

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They all need more time.
The one most developed looks like she’s is need of some calcium.
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The others look great but are pretty far away from ready.
Check Trichomes with jewelers loop that has a light and 30/60x magnification


Some updated photos of my super skunk plant closest to harvest and a couple other special kush plants gaining momentum. So much fun and seems close on super skunk.


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New growers harvest too early (can’t wait), usually (that and over-watering, both my issues to overcome.

Your Growing is almost complete. 3 more weeks?
Quality harvest requires good plan for hang/dry/and cure.
What’s your?

More time and better viewing, IMO.

USB Microscope on a stand (under $25.00).


As pictured, Pistils are not amber, yet.
Trichomes still too clear, not cloudy.

Late add, Your pistils appear retracted and that could be a good sign.

4 more months, after cut and hang. Can you wait?


4 plants and close ups up top flowers