Super lemon haze auto flower

My tip are changing not sure why need advice only 3 grow I’ve done fist time auto flower.


Looks like it is piģging out. Max nute uptake. No worries. If starts all over worry but a healthy plant gets a little tip burn at times. Just what happens to me.

A little too much nitrogen.

Thanks. My first time using plant food and a ph balance dirt and growing auto flower. Sometimes I get inpatient and worry I’m not doing enough for them instead of just st letting them grow. These are them Still early just hitting a month now.


What soil (brand and type) are you using and what fertilizer product are you using?

Fox farms low ph dirt and these nutrients… but only have used plant food so far.


All good stuff. I would avoid any generic “plant food,” as cannabis has very specific requirements. I would feed that FF Trio at 1/2 the recommended strength.

I would skip the Grow Big for a week or so. Your plant has a bit of excess nitrogen (dark green, waxy leaves with burned tips.)

The best way to manage feeding is to get yourself a PPM meter and feed such that you maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

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The thing is I’ve only used the plant food not the bloom or big grow figured still to young and when I noticed the tips on one of them I started to flush it just water cause I knew something was wrong… so maybe I have enough nutrients from dirt and don’t need added food yet?? You think ?? I definitely we’ll get a ph checker still learning that part how to control and balance. Is there something to bring down the ph? And thank you for your help and advice I’m always worried about them lol.

You should do this before givong any more food. Ph directly affects nutrient uptake, there should be a chart on the back of your FF feeding schedule. Ph your nutes and water between 6.5 and 6.8ph

Thats a good thing. Big bloom is less food for the plant then it is food for your soil.

If its FF soil then yes for sure, there will be enough nutes to get you into week 4 (not counting seedling week) or so. Usually last me till the first flush. @MidwestGuy is right, start out at 1/2 strength, let the plants tell when/if more is ok.

Lots of people use General Hydroponic ph up and ph down. Pictured above is ph down, ph up is blue.
You use it to adjust nutrient solution as described above, which in turn helps keep your soil ph in range. Dont pour anything in that isnt in the ph range of 6.5-6.8.

What you resist, persists. Try not to worry so much. Marijuana is hella resillient, there is room for errors, not as much as photos but even auto’s are tuff.

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Big Bloom contains kelp, guano, worm castings, and the micronutrients (copper, iron, boron, manganese,…) cannabis needs. It contains no sugars or microbes.

Contains poop yeah? An organic material that rots feeding bacterias? No?

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Good point.

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I tested my ph it’s @ 6.8. Still have tip burn. I’ll put up new pics

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