Sunrise/sunset controller?

Is there a controller/timer that I can use with my Meanwell HLG-600H-54B driver to simulate sunrise and sunset, using the potentiometer connection? I’d love to be able to reduce the plant stress of popping on the lights at full-bore when they aren’t prepared to use all that light anyway. I know there are lights out there that ARE doing this but I’m curious whether it’s possible to rig my light to do this?


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I’m not convinced this is something you need, but if you want it, here is what I believe will be most bang for your buck.

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Clearly stated: you think a slow on and off timer is better for the plants than the lights coming on full strength after 2 mins.


Imitation of sunrise and sunset - I have not heard this before, but if this really exists, then it would be very cool and set it to yourself. But the question is, how does it work? When imitating the sunrise, the program should smoothly increase the light from the off state for some time, and when entering, the opposite? But you also need to take into account the time of the year, i.e. sunrise and sunset should correspond to what you have on the street, as the plant can feel it and if you neglect it, you can harm the plant? Very interesting question!

your plants r ready for full bore all the time, cannabis is a light hog,
they spend 12 hrs waiting for the light to come back on,
and when it does, they r happy for 12 hrs.!!
this theory is based on human site, because it is tuff on us to get ‘bright lighted’ people think that plants r the same way, but this is not true, our optics have to constantly adjust to varying amounts of light, plants do not utilize this adjustment, their leaves r always ready for full sun.!

i agree with dbrn32, this is not going to benefit the grow enough to spend the time/money on it.
maybe look into far red supplementing your lights, this might be better then sunrise lights…???