Sun shade for pots?

My outdoor large plastic black pots sit in the sun. They get hot, dry out the soil, and maybe harm the roots. I wonder if anybody has tried fabric, burlap, or other coverings to shade the pots? I’m thinking something like an apron wrapped around the top of the pots. Maybe foil, less mold?

@Budlite some people on here put white towels or house wrap around there pots to help cool there pots off

I agree some type of light colored fabric, or you could paint the pot on the outside. White would be the best color for no heat or the least amount

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The ground is cooler even if they are in a black pot plus with the way they are against that raised bed they can’t be getting full sun. Those things need direct sunlight all day now… I’m not sure of your watering but soak those pots once every other day or if it’s 100 like here for me water every day if its dry. Lift those pots up.Make sure you don’t get those leaves wet. That isn’t good and will burn those leaves if left in direct sunlight. You want these plants thirsty begging for water almost. Water the outside of the pot make them search for water.

I use tan colored cloth pots (I like Common Culture brand and I get them from growershouse) for my outdoor plants. If you want to stick with those plastic pots, I would paint them white like @420guy suggested.

I used some scrap material to make “aprons”. Gonna get dirty, gonna get wet. We’ll see how they last.

This row faces South, and gets direct sunlight for most of the day. My problem in the past, was the cannabis grew and shaded my tomatoes.

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Cut those tomatoes down lol who needs a tomatoes when you have colas that’s size.

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Move the tomatoes

Another suggestion was to wrap the pot with aluminum foil, folded over the lip. Waterproof, mold proof, bug proof, and cheap.

Aluminum foil shields. Should keep the pots and roots cooler.