Suggestions to tone down "nutty" flavor of Cannabis Butter

So far my wife and I have made two batches of cannabis butter with our first and semi-successful grow of '16. We are newbies to growing(guerilla outdoor) and in our haste to harvest we inadvertly combined Sour D and Super Silver Haze trimmings and possibly a few fan leaves. That being said could be our issue with strong taste and if so we would love suggestions for spices to mask the strong nutty flavor. Our method has been stove top and just recently using a crockpot to fuse salted butter and trimming and simmering for 8 hours then cooling. So far we’ve basically made college dorm like meals. Toast and mac & cheese. My first thoughts are maybe experimenting with jalapeños or red pepper. -Doom


@DoomSack Welcome to ILGM. You will love this forum…lots of awesome people here from all over the world. It’s pretty wonderful.

I had some trouble getting used to the “plant” taste when I first started making canna-butter. It was hard to mask, similar to your nutty taste. I’m not a smoker so I had to find a way to deal with it for my edibles. I found it was less of a potent taste when I made it with flower/bud mixed in instead of just the trim and leaves. Also, because last year was my first grow ever I was really paranoid about mold even though my buds felt dry, I was afraid they would mold if I put it in jars (probably irrational, but there it is). I ended up sifting everything with dry ice and bubble bags to make keif. Then I made keif butter which was much nicer.

For the canna butter you already made, try the smallI small batch peanut butter cookie recipe (hopefully no peanut allergies) in the recipe section of the forum that might help you some. The peanut butter should help mask that nutty taste your not liking.

A week ago or so someone posted a question about blanching cannabis before infusing it into anything. It’s supposed to purify and remove the chlorophyll taste. I haven’t tried it but it seemed interesting and I plan to try it out next go round. If you google it you’ll find additional info on it.

Good Luck


Will check peanut butter. Thank you. I’m thinking maybe infusing in soup this winter (possibly a Pho like soup). Will definitely check out Blanching. -Doom