Sugar leaves and dry ice hash

Getting ready for my first harvest and learned about making dry ice hash. While there are a zillion articles about how to dry buds, I can’t find anything on the best way to dry those sugar leaves (or if you even need to before the whole dry ice thing).
I’m also assuming you need to limit touching of them to keep trichomes in place yet one video showed a guy mushing up the leaves in his hands before putting them in a bucket
Any pointers on the best way to do this part?

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You dont need to dry the sugar leaves if making dry ice hash
You can dry and cure it if youd like

But i will normally freeze my sugar leaves and trim before i process it

When making the hash watch for color change
The more green the more flower material
I shake until i see light color change then move to another section of the plastic so i can collect different grades of kief
I like to shake it onto white plastic myself
But having anything similar is great to collect the kief

What are you using ro make your hash
Bubble bags ?

So if I understand you I just trim them off the bud, let the buds dry elsewhere and immediately freeze the sugar leaves. Once they’re frozen I can further trim them down- no need to crush them up as I’ve seen in some videos.
As for the bags, I’ve seen a set with different meshes on amazon that I was going to get. Honestly, I’m in this for the experience so maximizing harvest, etc are secondary. Just want to see if I can do it like a pro…lol (fat chance being this is my first grow). Here are some pics from today’s progress. So damn hard to tell if they’re cloudy or it’s light bounce-back

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Thats right freeze them and when ready shake away lol


I put a handful of quarters in the bag with the dry ice which helps to break down the plant material and speed things up a bit. I have to make some kief this weekend too.

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Pro tip crush the dry ice you will get a higher yield and less plant material and you do not have to dry the flower to extract it with dry ice just freeze immediately after harvest this will stop your heads from oxidizing and preserve live terps and glands. Keep it frozen so the moisture does not get in your end product. Keep it crunchy and don’t let it get soggy.