Stupid Question…

First time grower here. I have several feminized plants growing very nicely outdoors. As I understand it they will flower sometime in September when the nights and days are equal.

What effect, if any, might the full moon have on this cycle? It gets so bright that it casts shadows.


Should start flowering in August I would say. Moon won’t have any effect on the flowering.


Just from experience with last years outdoor grow you will be fine. We have the moon, a streetlight, motion detection lights, and neighbors lights. They all turned out great.


I wondered the same thing last summer so I went out one night on the full moon and it was bright as hell - to me, but I put the PPFD meter on it and got zero readings on the daylight setting - which is what the moon does, of course.
To our naked eyes it’s a lot of light, to the plant processes it’s not enough light to stimulate photosynthesis.


It has to be a certain light spectrum for it to disrupt them. If I’m not mistaken

Dr. Bugbee talks about how dark is dark in this video. Plants can take a lot more light than you think during the “dark” period.