Stunted Leaves on White Widow clone in flower

Grow tent, CFL, White Widow from Clone, healthy parent plant, in soil (Black Gold Organic) - took off well - now in first weeks of flower - every other fan leaf in bottom and middle canopy is growing with stunted leaves? Fertilizing judiciously with 5-20-5 Miracle Grow Bloom Booster. Humidity and Temps within recommended range. Did not have any problems with parent plant and a good harvest. Can anyone identify what is going on? Very much appreciate your expertise.

I’m really not sure why this happens and I would love to know the answer. Ive seen a couple of these leaves on some of my own plants and wondered why they grew that way?!

Looks like and issues when the leaf was formed. My best guess is sight pH issue for that feeding. There’s no real way to tell at this point, as it seemed to have grow a bunch since then.

On another note, she looks very dark green. I’d recommend cutting back on the nutrients, or you’ll possibly have some strong chemical tasting buds.

Just my 2 cents, cheers :slight_smile:

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Cut back on nutrients leaves usually turn a darker green when they get fed alot ( an excess) of phosphorus of I’m not mistaken, maybe do one of 2 things, gap your feeding further or lower the doses. Getting an excess in phosphorus will start bringing up deficiencies and make sure soil is flushed of all toxins before her next feed.

Hope it helps, keep us updated

Normally this issue is Nitrogen toxicity.

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Nitrogen toxicity the leaves will fold down and form the “claw” and you can clearly see the leaves don’t fold however I do think we are both partially right I tried to upload a picture but phone didn’t work im gunna try again

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Blow up that chart it will help

We are both right it’s nitrogen and phosphorus both in excess :thumbsup:

@Majiktoker, I’m familiar with Jorge Cervantes, and I’m glad to see people use his deficiencies chart.

With Phosphorus toxicity, this wouldn’t be the only problem. The leaf shows no signs of lockout of any other Nutrient. This is infact, Nitrogen toxicity. :wink:

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All, Thanks for the replies and advice. Note: The leaves are not that deep of a green - taken with my cell phone in poor light.

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Lol well thanks for helping us help our fellow grower get on track :smile: it’s much appreciated

Wow what a Great chart, just down loaded?uploaded that one , Thankyou!!!

Yea any time my friend glad it helped you out

Is there any chance that this leaf was involved in pinching off a top ? I’ve had leaves grow out from a spot that I had pinched off and appeared as though I pinched part of a leaf when it was at a very early stage of development.

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That doesn’t look like it was damaged from pinching

Then when the leaf grows to maturity in my experience they have looked like this.

Thats because it suffered a severe nitrogen toxicity or if it had a deficiency in phosphorus your leaves will grow mutated and deformed…

Now I’m not saying it’s not possible, but if it was to be pinched itd probably be missing a tiny but more

Just for my own reference, would nitrogen toxicity effect more than one leaf ?

Or maybe he only showed one.