Strawberry Cough first grow any sugestions?

I am about 8 weeks in … I only have about 1.5 feet to go in this area. Is this on track… I have no idea?.. Thanks for any ideas…


I’m assuming these are photoperiods? If so you should’ve flipped to flower like, weeks ago. After flower has initiated, cannabis is known to grow 50%+ taller. Luckily you can “super crop” to make it work.

If they are autos, they are stuck in veg and you need to force them to flower by flipping tine schedule.

Photos, Okay so flip to 12 on 12 off rite?.. and then they will super grow… I need to do a few days of LST first then rite… Thanks a lot see I dont know …

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No worries man.

What I would do is start 12/12 now, then in a week defoliate the bottom 1/3 or so of the plants. In other words, remove everything on the lower third. This is called “lollipopping” and will give you fatter buds since the plant isn’t wasting energy on lower buds that aren’t getting much light so they won’t amount to much. You would then almost certainly need to “supercrop” them, which means you are literally bending a whole cola over do it reduces height. I have never done this though so I would look on the forum with the search tool at the top for more info.

Thanks so much for that information… I was wondering like when to go 12 on 12 off OK like I said… ya and do the LST bend after they shoot up a little more … then a super crop… I do have tent it’s for a steam sauna a 4 x 4 I can stand up in it …moveing them there and MacGyver the tent out Velcro, duck tape and what ever I can find … Thanks for the help !!

Fanfreakintastic. Those are some gorgeous specimens.

Defoliate, lollipop and switch 'em to flower.


Yep, flip em to 12/12 and you might want to consider some lst if they start stretching too much

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