Strain background of white widow and og kush

I’m growing both white widow and og kush. I’m noticing a bit of variance between plants of a type.
The greatest variances are in the og kush where I have some that are small dainty plants next to tall very sativa looking specimens. I have one that is a beast and will out produce anything else in the room. Multiple kolas 9" by 2" … and still a couple of weeks to harvest. I’m cloning that puppy!

I’m an experienced gardener so I am understanding of variances in plants started from seed.

What I’m curious about, is the background of the seeds that you are selling as White widow and OG Kush. There must be a story you can share without giving up trade secrets.

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We will have to wiat for Robert on this one. I cannot tell you anything about what is what on this topic. Perhaps someone in the home office will see this and chime in.

You are correct in your observance. From seed, cannabis plants can show different pheno traits.

Thanks for the reply latewood.

Out of the 70 seeds of these strains that I purchased from Robert I hope to identify several “special” individuals. Then to grow from clone.
While I know that quality bud will always find a home, a little embellished story can’t hurt.

Right now my story is that I obtained the seeds from ILGM in the Netherlands, grew them out and selected the best resin producers…

I’d love to be able to provide a bit more background on the parents.

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im looking for strong Tokyo northern ca strain

Great question farmabob,
I myself am wondering about the strains, how can i be sure im really getting that strain! Thnx.