Stop drip feed siphoning

Just realized that my new drip feed set up continues to siphon the water from my Rez after the pump shuts off. Anyone have a suggestion on a way to incorporate an anti siphoning valve or something similar ?

Can you raise your Rez higher then your pot?

Can you show me a picture of the complete set up? :v:

@repins12 @Powaforce
It’s lights out until 3 today so this is a crude drawing of the set up


Fit a non return valve. They will be a stock item for that pipework :sunglasses:

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Easy fix brother. All you need to do is have the green square higher then the red square


Good fix @imSICKkid. Or fit one of these :sunglasses:

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I would need a valve that is self closing once the pressure drops. Something with like a spring loaded check . A one way valve won’t work in this situation because im not trying to stop the water from coming back im trying to stop if from continuing to flow.

If you want an actual valve, put inline normally closed solenoid valve that opens when your pump is energized. Otherwise, I think @imSICKkid has you set.

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I’m going to try what @imSICKkid suggested first because it makes sense and more importantly , it’s free :joy: . I’m a belt and suspenders kinda guy I need a plan A and B …and C.


It won’t syphon if the rez is lower than the dripper.


Normal type check valve will work. Like what @imSICKkid. If you can get an air break in the line after pump shuts of , it will prevent back syphoning when pump shuts off. That was why I needed to see how your system was set up. Quick fix air gap. Personally I would probably put an inline flow check vale so, I would not have to elevate my piping system. Either way should accomplish the resolving the back syphonage. :v:

Sorry admin, is this ok? Try fitting one of these. They come in various sizes. I found this one on a popular auction site.


That’s just fine.

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Thank you, original wasn’t intentional :sunglasses:

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Nothing wrong with posting a screen shot, but that is a back flow prevention device. To best of my knowledge they don’t function as anti-siphon. That device you put on your airlines to keep them from flooding air pump with water.

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It’s designed to stop water from going the wrong way. Its application is varied. It can be used in air lines as an anti siphon device like you mentioned or it can be used as a non return device in a water line to stop water siphoning back to its original source

Which is the definition of syphoning

He is however trying to keep water from “Continuing the same way” once the pump shuts off.



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Easy fix…Once pump stops the pinhole breaks the siphon…’
As long as its above water line and over the water a little leak drips back into the tank.

Stole the idea…