Marijuana hydro grow: Eb and flow problems

A question from a fellow grower:

About two days after i change my rez. i find a slime like stuff floating around and coating everything…My rez. temp is always from 67-70.F… I was using DNF and it was fine until i started using bloom fortifiers…I have now changed to Green planets ultimate feeding program and find it is even worse then it was before…My plants are growing better then they ever have and smell better too.So i guess my question is,is this normal or am i doing something wrong ?..I am still fairly new at this…thank you for any help you can give…MY system is ebb and flow or flood and drain table style

is normal to an extent. but to make sure i use a little whisper 300 to oxygenate the reservoir so no algae builds up. but a cheap 13 dollar walmart pump will work for a few months just warning with them once the hose is on the pump dont take it off they get brittle and break fast. and are your buckets full to the top make sure no algae builds up from light touching the water. last is your flow draining

Are you aerating your res’? I have no idea what DNF is; Or Green Planets ultimate system is either.

I suggest you clean out you res’, and start with fresh solution. Slime is never supposed to be in you res’.

DNF? Drain aNd Flood? Oh, maybe Dutch Nutrient Formula, lol.

If you have excessive slime in your hydroponic reservoir and your temps are really good in the reservoir, and at 67F-70F you are maintaining ideal res. temps, then the other two suspects are not enough aeration or light getting in and contributing to algae growth, both mentioned above. You might want to try more air, better finer bubble air-stones, and/or light proof everything extremely well.