Stomper Scrog - Attack of the Clones

Getting filled in quick …

Clones are still makin roots (I hope). Not dyin sooo…


Wow no kidding that really did fill in fast @Stomper
What are you feeding them? Hahaha!

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Dynagrow Grow at full strength with every water in FFOF soil. I like it. It can also be used for hydro.

Ph is at a constant (so far) 6.7 ish. Room temps are low to mid 70s at all times.

Rh is about 25% to 35% at best so I mist 3-4 times a day with tap water ph at 7.0.


Nice work, brother! @Stomper

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Looking great @Stomper
And I’m with you they aren’t dieing so :+1:
Nice work brother

Getting some good upward growth now. Think I’ll give it some more time. I want to switch to flower schedule on July 1.

I will get some clone updates later.


I think your screen will be plenty full by then you may even need to switch a bit earlier judging by the progress your making looks like your about full now @Stomper

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Yeah. I want the runner branches at the edges to get some growth going so they aren’t trying too hard to produce fan leaves to support the buds while in flower. There is still room to move stuff around a bit and I have three feet upward I can go. Also, the other tent needs another week to harvest and I need it for the clones when I switch over.

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10/4 I think you’ll be ok and looking good bro

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Made some adjustments to the light location for a couple days to promote growth in the front area then I switched over to the HPS and set them to 12/12.


Love your grows @Stomper


Thanks. I went back to doing the whole thing at once. I was trying a perpetual Grow and Scrog combined bu I could not get enough veg time in the Scrog tent and yields per plant went down. I would need more space to get that system going.


Update pics…


Looking great, I’ve still got to make me one of them for a scrog so I can do it better for my next grow, can I ask you questions about it

Sure. Always glad to help if I can.

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Great work. Ahhh the fruits of our labor.

Thanks brother ,how did you build the frame ? How far apart from the screws and how high, just a few questions lol, I did a scrog on my first grow but created it from the 4 posts in the grow tent, I saw the same frame you have before, it might have even been your one but at the time I said that looks like a good idea, yours looks awsum, I thought @hillcrest21678 was the scrog king, that must make you a prince

I won’t be up to reply as it’s 3 am here and I’m having to go to bed as I have doctors again at 11 am, so thanks if you reply and I’ll get back to you later today for me

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I went to the hardware and bought 2 20’ 1/2 pvc tubes, 4 3-way corners and a 300’ ball of string for under $15. I asked the guy there to cut them into 4 4’ pieces and 4 2’ pieces. I got 9 different lengths but I have a cutter at home and got them the right sizes.

Four foot square frame with 2’ legs. I just tied the string on. I put all the strings on at one end then spread them out evenly to about three inches apart then wove the other direction with the same gap. I used masking tape on the joints of the frame to keep it together.

The lines are a bit loose at first but by the time it veges well it will be tight as a drum. I try to place the branches so they help keep the lines straight till it tightens up.


Thanks very much my friend, I will try to make a frame,I would give you a like but I’m out at the moment so I’ll just say it, I like your comments and I will be try to make one for my next grow which should be 2 or 3 weeks