Still waiting on those hairs

Other 2 plants finished up over a week ago, but this girl is being stubborn. Even though I have an abundance of cloudy trichomes with a small amount of clear and amber, she still has a crap load of white hairs.

Any thoughts.


Would need to check the trichome with a microscope… maybe she’s a white breed?

I generally do photos unless im helping someone out but ive had that happen and sometimes they just drag things out and sometimes it seems like they are and bam in a day or two things change quick for some reason im not dure of yet

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Sure of yet

Thats what I use. 1st a jewelry loop, then a microscope.

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@Medicineman33 H R puffnstuff. Thats some funny shit. I used to watch that as a kid.

Me too was just thinking i should have made my screen name that

I’m seeing fox tails mixed in with amber pistils :love_you_gesture:

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I noticed that myself and have since turned down the light intensity.