Still no order 15 weeks later?

I’ve been waiting on an order to arrive in NZ for 5 weeks now and just had a replacement order resent today. I made another order a week before they stopped shipping to NZ and will be out of pocket around $600 NZ dollars if the orders don’t arrive. No one told me about there being delivery problems to NZ when I was dealing with customer support

I don’t understand how nothing is getting through at all. I can understand customs stopping a few packages here and there but everything? very disappointing.

If you’ve already been dealing with customer service it would be best to continue that conversation with them. We are outside of that loop, I was just relaying message.

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I first ordered in may just before lockdown. 30 days later, nothing.They resent to friends house in April. Nothing.Then resent in july to neighbors address. Still have not received any seeds or letters from customs at all 3.

Are you in New Zealand as well? I ordered seeds from a couple of other companies in the UK and Amsterdam a few weeks ago and received both packages within 2 weeks of ordering so I doubt customs are intercepting anything.

Yeah otago area. You would think 1 of the 3 would of arrived or a letter from customs at least. Who did u last order from? Am thinking of getting some thru herbies

Mephistogenetics but they’ve shut down to restock and Marijuanaseedshop in Amsterdam. I’ve had 3 orders sent out from ILGM and none made it to me either. Apparently they’re being sent from Australia to here so should only take a week but nothing. Either the Australian border customs are so efficient they can stop every shipment of seeds out of the country or they aren’t actually sending them. I think ILGM need to look at whoever is running their Australia operation and make some changes