Starting seedlings in large pots

I did no research on the matter before I started. Growing up my mom always had gardens so I was familiar with the idea that transplanting causes a plant stress. This being my only knowledge on the matter. I figured, duh, just start I’m the pot you want to finish in?

After reading here for a week it seems almost no one does it that way. The only thing I’ve seen mentioned is people telling me to be careful of over-watering. The only other rationale I can come up with is that people like to start in one kind of “cold” “mild” what’s the word on looking for…then switch to a “hot” soil.

As for over-watering…I just don’t get it. How am I not more likely to over water less dirt than more dirt? I poured small amounts of water on the soil a couple times a day. If anything isn’t there just so much more soil below to suck that moisture away from my seedling? I was also misting the crap out of them regularly…which I see is also a no no under conventional wisdom. This is my first grow so of course I’m open to better methods.

That being said, my little girls are much further along then a lot of the similarly aged specimens I see being posted about on here in tiny little solo cups all the time?

Make me a believer.

Also just thinking about the roots. Them having more room to grow out unobstructed from the start seems like it could only help…

As long as it’s a healthy specimen and you look after it there is little difference outdoors. Done a experiment last season both were great . The year before that I got a preflower given to me had to reduce rootball to the around the size of a softball it got too 7 ft . So it is possible but I could just be lucky