Starting indoor dream queen

Had tails pop out today on seeds. Finishing last steps to start hoping for any suggestions on this I want to grow big thick buds last grow in greenhouse came out fluffy and not wanting same results. Using Fox farm ocean soil, ilgm nutrients pack, also have Fox farm trio pack on hand just in case ilgm pack doesn’t work. 5x5 tent, Have two 1,200 watt grow lights. Temp is 65 rh is 70. Open to suggestions or comments please help me grow big buds.

grow big flowers.


Your lights are actually 125 watts apiece that’s enough for about 2 plants your also going to need to get your temp up mid 70s lower 80s


Yes. Only 124W ea. as I see it. That is, the power consumption. Watts=Amps x Volts = 110 x 1.13 False marketing abounds in the “industry”.

You should still be able to get some measurable bud. I grew my first 4 autos in a 3x3 tent. Got about 1.5 oz per plant. I lowered the lights to even do this with the 2 lights @ 100W each.

Also, I stabbed into a heating duct and ran a 3" hose in to raise average winter temperature in the tent from 64F to about 74F. Made a big difference.
Below 62 they basically stagnate and stop. Cold temperatures have a big adverse effect on weed growth.

Now I have 400W for my 3x3.

Good luck! You’ll figure it out!


Agree with comments on lights, but these plenty good to get you started. You’ll also want your canopy temps around 80f for lights on.


Ok so I see I need more light, so I purchased another light to increase will be here tomorrow. Will this work if I put in the middle of the two smaller ones? I believe with the three lights my heat will rise alittle bit, if not I have heater in the main room to heat up room temp and hopefully that will raise tent temp?

This should help with heat. As far as how well your plants will do, that will depend on your expectations. A 5x5 capable of producing 2-3 pounds per harvest in the right hands, but not going to see that even with the additional light.

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What light would you recommend?

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Depends on your budget. There are probably more hlg scorpion diablo’s here than anything else. Can’t go wrong with size appropriate fixture from hlg. I like chilled tech products too. There are some other options a little more affordable, but i haven’t spent any time with them and I’m not sure i trust their customer service.


Was curious how my sour d auto is doin at 20 days above soil…in 3 gallon fabric pot…ffof water only so far considering lst in a few days tie down the main stem hoping to get a few extra colas ph is 6.7 watering 16oz every 2 to 3 days under 22/2 schedule

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Wanted to do update and ask a question I’m sitting at 17 days should I drop the big light on these little lady’s and start hitting them with veg nutrients? I’m little over 2 weeks and belive I should but they are just barely hitting 8 inches but looking good