20 Day above soil autoflower look?

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They look good so far but i think you might want to ph down to 6.0 for future feedings. I run a 18/6 schedule but thought about varying it but haven’t, going main-stream as I’m no expert yet. Good luck :slight_smile:

Much better than mine!!!’

Do u recommend tieing down the main stem to maybe increase cola production and decrease height as im in a 2x2x48

I run a 2x4 tent and had it stuffed with 3x plants in 3 gal pots and it got too crowded. I took the middle plant out at 71 days after flushing, in the dark closet for her last 3 days before chop chop.
I definitely recommend tying down the main stalk (lst) but if you do it to 2 plants you’ll run out of space quickly in a 2x2 tent. That tent is good for 1 decent plant without crowding.

What do u reccomend for 2 sour d autos in 3 gallon pots one is bout 10 days behind the other?

All i have is the 2x2x48 where do u think the crowding will come from the heighth?

This is a pic of my 2x4 tent with 3x autos, each in a 3 gal pot. It’s crowded and the plants want more room. I removed the middle plant a couple days back and it’s better suited for 2 plants. 2x2 would be about right for the single plant on the left side (Gorilla glue at week 6). 2 plants in a 2x2 will not be happy, need more space unless they are kept in smaller pots.


Maybe i can put the other sour d outside and see if it survives the cold however it hasnt been freezing yet?

For the next week you should be ok but the autos explode in size quickly between week 3 thru 5-6. Maybe you have time to quick order a cheap inexpensive 2x4 tent (zippy brand on amazon for 60 bucks) and keep them both growing to full size. Don’t risk putting your ladies in the cold :frowning:

Autos don’t care about the quality of the tent (light leaks, cheap zippers, etc…) so a cheapo tent is fine, just don’t try growing photo periods in them and your ok.

Update on growth these pics are from 11/25-11/30

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