Starting Equipment

Ok so I know there is the grow bible with everything i need but i want to know if there is anything else i could use to make anything more convenient for my first grow. I loaded up on the basics.
323263 tent
5 gal smart pots
Net for scrog
Ph meters (both soil and liquid)
P300 led light (is just this enough for 2-3 plants?)
FF nutes
Exhaust fan
Outlet Timer
Small seedling pots
Humidity reader/thermometer
Bamboo sticks (probably unnecessary if i am doing a scrog?)
I do need a spray bottle and clippers i know that.
And of course my WW seeds

What kind of watering container do people use for a proper measuremt per one water per plant? (i suppose that varies as it grows)

One more thing i have not done enough research on but could use some help. What is ppm and how do i measure?

I know this is a lot to ask but i want to get this right on the 1st run!

Thanks for anyones help!

Good start, add pH up & down
-good luck!

Parts per million or tds (total dissolved solids) there is a cheap tester for this but basically it is how you measure nutrient strength

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Oh yea i got that too, knew I’d forget to list somethin lol
Thank you!

more fans, probably a cool mist humidifier ($20-$30), someone will recommend Cal-Mag eventually, let me be the first.

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I would not even think of admin co2 first run…plenty of other things to worry about ppm (parts per million).i would keep it basic simple not try to over do anything .get your set up right and worry about himidity and temp…lots of circulation…light distance…you know the basics but throw co2 in amd know things speed up …but good luck and happy growing…

@Dopefein I replied to your other thread. You might want to delete this one.

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