Started a New batch

Started a new grow. Already off to a bad start. Humidity jumped ridiculously. Moved the plants a week ago to dryer spot.

I assumed the leaves folding were a result of the humidity thus why i moved them. Is this gonna be ok …should just let it play its self out?

Looks kinda like light burn what is your light and how far away is it from the top of your plant

Usually it’s from heat when they taco like that

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And at this age you WANT the humidity.


Yup taco’d leaves = too hot. What kind of light? (Brand and type and watts?) and distance from the plants?

At least 6-8 inches. Not sure the wattage but there LEDs. Pushing at least 1600 lumens.

Bingo! That is ur problem. Most leds should be ran 12 if not 18-24 inches away from canopy. Have u tried the hand test?

Try 12-16. If it doesnt get right add a couple more inches. Its a fine line what they need to be pushed to full potential and when that pushing becomes antiproductive. Tune ur distance in and she will love u for it. Good luck and start a journal :wink: if u have one tag away. Love to watch.

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Well i adjusted it . These lights give literally no heat whats so ever… One other question …would it do any harm to set them outside during the day. Let they catch some real :sun_with_face:. Hot humid days lately

Not at all. The sun is literally the best light i know of. And humidity is prime for vegging. Just dont baptize her by fire. Give her shaded indirect light to start. Maybe a few evening hours of sun today. N ease her into it. Also keep a close eye. Environmental changes like that can be devastating

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spots on the leaves??? Should i be concerned. As far as i can see thats the only leaf

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