Sprouting in FFOF

Getting ready to put my sprouted BK and G13 beans in FFOF, but I’ve read some say yeah and some say nah. What’s the verdict?

Having used FFOF for over 4 years, I will give a little nugget of information. Its best to have like a soil buffer between FFOF as brand new soil and the seed. I top dress my FFOF with a 4” layer of FFHF. Both cannabis friendly.

Never had an issue even when it was just FFOF. But others have so thus it’s safer to top dress it.


Agree that a buffer is not a bad idea especially for sprouts. Transplanting established plants would not be as much an issue but I would still advise the buffer just to be safe.

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I sprout in OF. Cut it with like 20% perlite. I go 3 scoops soil one scoop perlite. You could start in a dixie cup and flush it with some water prior to planting

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