Spring flower run

** Mr Bean question - why do u put the seeds in a glass off water? **
Still learning…



H2O and H2O2, pre-soak seeds with anti-microbial action, I hope.

NoddyK has his own bible.

Thanks for the info…
To be honest :face_with_peeking_eye: i did download the pdv grow bible but i just finished a 6 night - night shifts at the hospital… instead of reading the “bible” i am on the forum…:rofl:
But thanks for the reply

My thread has my 2year grow with forum friends.
More reading, more sharing, makes growing better, IMO.

I read, I research, and I try, experiments to better shape my grow.
Forum assistance helps illuminate growing.
No forum in 1975.
To the moon and beyond, takes assistance, no solo rides.

Update: the older plants have been outside only since the last post. I had to bring in the younger tray of seedling about 3 weeks younger. We have been getting some solid rain and those were starting to drown under the wet. The older seedlings are taking it like champs. We had a lovely 3-4 days last week too, that felt like real spring. But alas, the next 10 days will all be drizzle. I will get these inside the cold frame and uppotted before the next post. Hope to sex soon and get some pollen flying. Seed, reveg, sprout, and grow kids along side their mommas. 2 generation growing together at once.

Saved from drowning, 12/12 inside.

Outside getting pissed on by the rain. Sun here is 11/13 outside right now.

And the creek is running well thanks to all the rain. Should flood the blueberries again in the next couple hours.


Some of my (your?) children, undocumented.

2 year’s collection,
with your gifting, beyond my dreams.

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No rain today.
Great weather for outdoor working, after burning one.
How you doing with the spring gardening?

Things are going ok here. There are two males for sure so far. I would say the plants are about 2 weeks behind right now. It’s really cooled off even on the sunny days. Too many nights have still been getting into the 30s (f) but at least no real hard frosts. The plants have just stalled out basically from the cold. I am seeing lots of fall colors and a few deficiencies due to cold temps. It’s ok, I am not going to bring them in. I will still get seeds and be able to eliminate half the females if I don’t like the buds or see any mold. I just won’t get many buds until fall harvest. I am thinking g about going bigger this year. I cannot complain about life. :heart:

Peach, pluot, and apple seedlings.
Persimmon, fig, and mulberry clones


Not since the last froze all my pokers.
Bees gone (too cold).
More arrive tomorrow.
Apple trees starting pink buds.
Lots to complain about, but still this side of the dirt.
Living the dream

Try sticking those plants out in the cold. Spray them in the cold. The colder and wetter the better. They hate that kind of nw drizzle. Those damn spider bastards. Doesn’t kill the eggs, but they get the memo usually and die off. Or the other bugs eat them. Ironically I have found this my most effective cure for spider bastards. It cannot hurt at this point. Then you can spray down the inside of the tent with dilute bleach while the garden is freezing its pretty lil pistils off outside.

Spray, banishment, and tent cleaning.
Then new seedlings is the game plan.

Cold again tonight.
Whidbey Marathon tomorrow 7AM

Happy 4-20 Day!