Spring flower run

I’m planning to do a spring flower run. I dropped some widow seeds I got from @DEEPDIVERDAVE, and some of my mix from the purple plants F1s (jillybean x djshortblueberry) last summer.

Anyway, sprouted them this week. Plan to move them outside at fourth or fifth node. They will awaken in my fish room aka garage chilling with my citrus.

I have a bunch of big ass empty fish tanks outside. I’m gonna use them as little hot houses. It’s worked pretty good in the past. Plan to see if they can be finished by mid April here outdoor. To Take advantage of the early spring flower “problem” and get a fun little spring crop. It will allow me to see what the flowers look like anyway. If I have some favorites, I’ll re-veg them and put them in the bed for summer. Happy growing everybody.

I never really journal anything here. I just pray to my grow logs. I thought would be fun to show the progress.

6 ft 200 gallon:

110 gallon rectangle:

100 gallon cube:

Fish room:


The kids were all nestled down for the sprout,
In hopes of spring flowers soon pop out.


I got tulips sprouting outside.
Half the Red Hot Pokers have frost damage (they will recover).
I have to leave them alone until April, when another frost is unlikely.
Then cull the dead leaves, undergrowth will come back.
Fall lawn mower action utilized on groups of RHP’s in prep for spring relocation, smaller plants.
Tents full, culling two or four soon. Anybody?
That is unreal. Got no room and not ready for outdoors.
The evicted year-old white widow is still hanging on, outside.
Don’t like her shape and got no room for experimenting.
NK1-Three of your 2021 Blueberry, looking real promising, juts been flipped.
Have only evicted one male since Nov 10 seed drop start (three revegers, too).
5 ILGM Maui Wowie and 5 Blueberry (3&3 remain).

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Damn that is alot of work. There was a day when I would get into that level but now I just plant one plant and hope for the best. :sunglasses:


Restricted to house these days, as in retired.
Busier than ever, working for Mrs. Daisy.
Never saw that coming in my Retirment planning.
Tent management important for well-being.
Learning grow important because I am not getting any younger.
Started 55 years ago, trying. still at the learning.

I been retired for 8 yrs I think. I was a lot less busy when I was working. Considering a part time job just to slow down the hands of time. I like to gro just for the fun of it. I can’t smoke like I used too. I smoked more than the law allowed back in the day. It does make me sleep a lot better though. Gro-on… :sunglasses:


I just finished a strain called Cement Shoes. Frosty as all get out.
A couple pulls on the dry herb pen and in about 30 minutes I literally cant keep my eyes open. Its like its forcing me to sleep. Slept last night all the way through without waking. Not common for me. I saved the stump and am attempting to reveg it for clones.


Love the name!
Never tried to reveg stump after harvest.
Did you leave a couple low hanging branches?
Great idea to continue a strain that is a winner

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Yeah, you need to leave some stuff so it doesn’t just die. It looks awful for a couple weeks until it starts to grow again. Once it does I will clone a few and keep the best grower.
Here was the bottom of the plant. It grew frost everywhere…

I left all this to re-veg


That sounds like some good night time medicine. I just harvested a NL auto and left it go a little to long, more amber than I like but it knocks me out too. :crazy_face: I looked up that strain and the reviews confirm it’s a knockout… I’ll have to try that one eventually.


I been reveging.

Saved me and cost me.
Mistake #1, don’t come indoors, from outside. Critters travel.
Mistake #2 don’t leave too much leaf material, especially no large colas or clumps.
Give spare space only, no high rent locations, until she reveges.


End of every cycle i take a damp mop and wipe down the tent sides and floor.
Then I lightly spray it with this…

Any critters crawling across the floor or landing on the walls dies.
No bugs ever since I started this 3 years ago.
I suppose now that I said it I will get mites… :rofl:


I need to cull 2 plants in favor of making more space for remaining.
Which two ?

You visiting the island?


7 day update. The seeds went into the paper towel on Saturday. To the soil on Wednesday. The first heads popped up today. There was nothing at coffee this morning. All these popped up today.

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Oh no here we go again lol
Couldn’t resist

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More details. I have been putting them outside everyday day in the sun and rain. I only plan on keeping them in if it gets frosty. Temps running between 40-50degrees f. Pretty chilly, but first selection test. Cannot take some cold = waste of my time. So far impressive vigor no culls.

Nights are in the garage 50-60 degrees. In the empty outdoor aquariums day temps get 75 deg f. when I leave a thermometer in there. Hope to have the buds done by end of April.

Also, I plan to open pollinate with the 3 fastest boys in the mix. Harvest the seeds, reveg my favs, and flower them in the raised bed this summer sun season. Any questions? I get a little high with my friends.

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I worked in my yard today.
“Combing the Pokers”
Thats actually pulled anything rotten or not strong, frost-freeze damaged.
Underneath will grow back, faster with less bugs if dead material is removed.
My removed material was half liquid forming.
Anyway, I digress.
When is the school plant sale?
I set aside some pokers and yard plants for relocation to you for further disposition. I relocated a few in my yard, as well.
Wonderful weather today, yeah.
Mowed lawn yesterday and will have to mow-mulch the pulled poker debris.
Too bad the 20HP/42 inch riding mower is out of action.
Blade engaging cable rusted and busted.
Love the Toro Personal-Pace mower

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It usually the first weekend in june. Always one of the last ones. The school has the end of the year dance and plant sale in the parking lot. If only I could sell cannabis plants there… ha.

My pokers seemed to hold up better than most of the other flowering residents of my yard. To the freezing temps.

Pretty crazy thing happened today. I saw a dude about a mile away was giving away used 20gallon grow bags. He is moving to Connecticut. I wanted them for my fruit trees. Anyway, he says he grew cannabis in some of them. Did I use cannabis? I said yes, and he gifted a jar of his local bred seeds. What a cool gift. Barry white x SShaze he says. Thank you says me.