Spotted spider mits and webs

After closer look with loop can little spiders all over buds I blew DE all over them what else can I do and should I take it out of tent before it gets to other plants

Please help what do I need to do

Hey pal, it can be very difficult to eradicate the Two spotted spider mite. The reason being is because you have to break their cycle. In a light infestation neem oil can be quite effective at slowing down the growth of adults as well as their babies. In bad infestations, close to harvest, neem oil can hold bugs down so you may be able to finish your crop. Mites like it dry and hot, so lowering your grow room temp’s and misting the plants can only help. There are other home made concoctions featuring garlic, onions and and Cheyenne pepper. I have used neem so I can attest that it works. It is derived from the seed of a plant. Hope this helps some. Good luck, Mike. P.s. The DE was good thinking!

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Thks so much after blowing the de I’m seeing more webs will pick been oil first thing in the morning. …thks again

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You are quite welcome! m

Iceburg I’m here busy. I got two that will take care of that and it won’t kill your wallet.

First up…s. They hate water hate it do bad it will kill them .if you can spray them with your garden hose with a hard spray. And ray them teal go this will knock them and there young and eggs off and they die.


2 ). Tabacco Juice recipe

Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)
also add Hot Pepper the hotter the better add this to the boiling water.
Neem oil works very well too!!
ZBQ has an excellent thread on how to use neem oil without geting your plants to oily!! :tup: Your Last resort is to use Avid.
This neem oil you go to my tread ( First Grow Four Different Kinds

its in the. ( Beginner Journals ) I just posted it

( How to use neem oil )

Alcohol and Water

Kill’s on contact . I’m not sue if it kills the eggs or not I just can’t remember
Buy boy dose it ever work. I use it all the time.

I hope this held upu put Ice !


Thks Will gonna pick up neem oil today any brand I should be looking for and what type of dish soap to use

Will what’s the ratio for the alcohol and water think I wanna try that first if it’s kills on contact ant then treat with oil

Cold pressed neem oil

I’ve seen different amounts for soap, I’ve seen a teaspoon per gallon but I use maybe half that or less …soaps are different strengths, so it’s difficult to say you basically just want it to break down the waters viscosity

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Keep the alcohol water 40/60 or a bit less. It can burn your plants a bit if too strong. I burned a couple young plants few weeks ago with 50/50. The survived, but had some leaf damage.

I would take the water hose to them first thing, that knocks most of the mites, webs and eggs away. Hit them hard and you will get most with water, and require a lot less chemical.

I don’t know if take it out of the tent will help, if one has them they all usually do, you most likely need to treat all your plants

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I also burned 2 plants with alcohol, if it was me I would start with a 30 alcohol 70 water. If plants react well when you spray again use 40/70. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away once the damage is done! Mike


Just did a quick read elsewhere. It says spider mites webs, unlike webs of spiders, are built to protect them and provide shelter and transportation infrastructure. And that it starts with tiny webs that lightly cover the underside of the leaf, which will catch much of any product sprayed from aerosols, adfind to their difficulty to eradicate, because gardeners think they’ve applied treatment, but the mite remain protected at the leaf level by their webbing that can be undetected even under heavy magnification. I said the best way to combat this is with heavy water spray to the underside of every leaf, followed by application of a chemical spray after plant drys. So again, I say spray the shit out of them. Take each branch in your hand, and support it while spraying the leaves from below, and rotating to pay attention to every part of the plant. Then let dry in an open well ventilated area. It will look like you killed them if you spray them good and hard, but its nothing they wouldn’t experience growing at Lakewood’s house with the hurricane, plus your there to hold her hand and help her back.


Hi garrigan62, in my experience, it did not kill the eggs and I had to use another two rounds before I broke the cycle! Just my experience. Mike

Update. … got some neem oil from my homie applied 2 sprays soon as lights came on can see lots of dead ones and some still moving but noticeable difference on day off will try alcohol spray and bring hose inside and get wetvac ready

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I saw a video of the master jorge cervantes take his cuttings for harvest and wash them in hydrogen peroxide bath hang them to dry

I would skip the alcohol if you applied the oil, it will repel the alcohol. But could try still

Idk, I gets to a point where you follow one course, or another. Using any oil seems counterintuitive of following with water or alcohol based tx, as they interfere with one another. I hate all oils that don’t wash away with watering.

Rather than bringing a hose into you house :scream: I have seen folks completely submerge their plants in a water bucket/barrel whichever fits. Beyond that I would trust @garrigan62 totally on pest control. He’s our Resident exterminator.

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