Spots on and light green new growth

New growth is light in color with rust spots on some leaves.
ILGM ak47
Ffof blend soil
5 gal bucket good drainage
2 600 mars led
1 96 led mars reflector
1 4" exhaust fan
1 6" exhaust fan
16x20x2 ac filter on intake vent
3 oscillating fans for circulation
70 low temperature
78 high temperature
Only gave Phed water and mykos and mammoth p
Have 3 different nutrient lines
Fox farms full line
Npk raw amino grow bloom microbes and yucca
Nectar for God’s sample pack
Mykos and Amos
Mammoth P
Cal mag
Ph up down

Are you saying the only nutrients you’ve fed so far is mykos and mammoth p? What are the nutrient values of these, because to me it looks like that could be a magnesium deficiency. What is the ph of the water/nutrient solution you are feeding them, and do you know what the runoff ph is?

Mykos and mammoth p are microbes
Ph is 6.5 in 6.6 out

Well if the only thing you’ve been feeding them this whole time is microbes, you’ll have one hell of a deficiency. Even good soil like FFOF can only supply enough base nutrients for a month or 6 weeks max, id start with a good dose of cal-mag and go from there.

It looks like you are suffering from many nutrient deficiencies.

I keep hearing FFOF is supposed to be good on its own to feed the plant at least until the beginning of flower, but I’m not entirely convinced as this is the 2nd time very recently someone is having significant deficiency problems with that soil and earlier than flowering.

Something to consider, even if the buckets have good drainage, you might still be over watering, as over watering can cause similar looking deficiencies, as the roots become damaged and can not uptake the nutrients that are available in the soil.

happy growing,


Only water when dry about every 3 days
Gave her a feeding of nectar for the gods at about 1/2 strength
Well everyone got fed tonight at half strength with there assigned nutrients.
I use ffof soil blended with worm casting soil and compost and perlite vermiculite.