Spider mites on 2 of 3 plants

I’ve been dealing with a spider mites issue since my last grow. I had to wash 2 plants for spider mites and it’s continuing now into this grow. Ive been spraying the leaves with a peroxide and water mixture but it seems like they’re still coming.

Any specific products or sprays that work better than peroxide and water?

Also the 2 plants that have the spider mite issue are runtz autos. I have a slurricane clone in the tent with them that is almost ready and has no signs of spider mites at all. Should I still wash the plant or even separate it from the rest?

After these 3, I plan on deep cleaning my whole basement before starting again. Wondering about any preventative steps I could take

Thanks In advance

Also wondering about my slurricane. Has milky trichomes but a lot of white hairs. I could just be being impatient tho. :sweat_smile:


If one plant in the room has them…They all have them… I have had them and fungus gnats so many times I treat for them as a preventative.
Capt Jacks - Spinosad
Soak the plants let em dry and the bugs die ( I see you have a dehumidifier so the extra humidity wont create another problem), and repeat in a couple days. those tiny buggers are near impossible to get in one pass

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The mix that has always worked for me I 1 gallon water 1/2 cup peroxide 1/4 tsp Dawn dish soap when your applying you have to make sure to get underside of leaves I use one hand starting at bottom under the leaves and as I’m moving up I’m lifting the leaves from the underside like this

U have to soak them to we’re it’s running off stems stalk all of it I put a trash bag over the top of the pot so it’s not all running into my soil after first application wait 2 days then reapply wait 2 days and then check for life. If you find life sparky with captain jacks dead bug I add Dawn soap to this also. I use a hand pump sprayer I got at tractor supply
It has worked every time so far


I’d rather deal with my house being haunted over dealing with spider mites. Try all the above remedies and hope for the best. They’re near impossible to kill, and stay dead. They’re like terminators, they absolutely will not stop.

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Thank guys.
Being in flower, is it ok to soak them in solutions? The 2 are about 4 weeks in, slurricane about 6-8 weeks.

I’m going out for some captain jacks today

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Captain Jacks - Simple answer is Yes up to day of harvest… BUT! of course it comes with a but, plan on washing the harvested bud in a mix of H2o2/water and rinse before drying. Lots of different ways to do the wash/rinse (water/lemon juice, water/baking soda, warm water, cold water) there are vids on here too just search…good practice if you want your bud as good as it can possible be.

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And even that still won’t kill them. You’ll smoke them, and they will live in your lungs, where you’ll cough them out later, re infesting your next plants. They’re sneaky like that.


Disclaimer: This worked for me but may not work for other growers. Take all the information you receive and pick your course of action.

I spent hours surfing this forum and other sites to avoid pesticides.

I had on hand essential oils of rosemary, pine, mint, and tea tree. I would put 20 “shakes” into a spray bottle with 1/2 teaspoon of Dr. Bonner’s Castile soap. I would spray twice a day (before lights on and after lights off) for three days, focusing under the leaves, and then move to the next essential oil mix. I also sprayed the soil surface, the outside of the bags and the tent walls. Mites were eradicated or at least under control after two weeks. There is also a mix used by @Ning using hot peppers and garlic I am using on our outdoor vegetables. Best to you and I hope you kill the dastardly pests!

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Lmao nightmare fuel

I had a spider mite problem once. It WAS AWFUL!!! So hard to get rid of and I tried all of these remedies and let me tell you once you are flowering and this problem occurs that is a true nightmare. I ended up killing off 2/3rds of my crop. Started over and cleaned and disinfected the entire room, tools, all of it. I can tell you this that if your really pissed off over spider mites I would suggest an OZONE GENERATOR. But you have to be extremely careful with this as too much ozone can harm your plants. Puts o3 into the atmosphere basically disinfecting and killing all mold, mites, pest, diseases. If you are not growing then blast the fuck out of that area for an hour or 2 and make sure you do not go in the room for a good hour or two after you turn it off. YA CANT BREATHE THE SHIT
.If your growing…do it at your own caution. Run for 15 minutes and shut off. wait and hour and possibly try a second time. BE CAREFUL peeps
they disinfect hospitals with ozone generators